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Blogmas December 3rd- Favourite Christmas Movie
I love Christmas movies, they're just so wonderful for Christmas spirit. For my favourite though, I can't go past Elf. Some things I love generally in life are cheer and enthusiasm, a sense of community and singing. As such, I'll never forget the first time...

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Blogmas December 2nd- Christmas Recipe
Christmas Pudding Candies!   This 'recipe' requires no cooking, is super easy and super cute, they're perfect to take along to a christmas BBQ or shared lunch, or alternatively like me you could just eat them for breakfast. Ingredients: 1 Packet Chocolate R...

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Blogmas December 1st- Tell us about your last Christmas
My last Christmas was magical. It was spent in Dale, Norway a place where it's impossible to not believe in Santa Clause. Together with my parents and best friend  Greta   I was staying in a wood cabin on a mountain looking over the town which was positione...

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Welcome Back
Hello friends! I let this blog fall by the wayside this year because I've been so busy organising life things, but now those life things are actually happening and they're exciting things like exchange and Christmas which are worth blogging about, so I'm ba...

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Maple Syrup, Peanuts, and Bacon. Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.
As I've said many times, I love to bake cupcakes for my friends birthdays. It was recently wonderful Tess 's birthday and as she is Vegan and mostly gluten and refined sugar free this was my most challenging task yet. Although it didn't pass my mum's judgem...

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Live Below The Line- Eight Hundred and Sixty Three Dollars
Completed! My week of eating off two dollars a day is done, and though I'm glad it's over I'm even more glad that I did it. I learnt a lot, gained perspective and raised a lot of money! My current total is at $863 thanks to all of you amazing people who don...

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Live Below The Line- The Impact
We're over halfway now and going strong! Yesterday was hump day, and I thought I'd share two things with you that helped me get through it, by reminding me exactly why we do this. First of all, this amazing video - Secondly this incredible blog post by a fe...

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Live Below The Line- Resourcefullness
First off a huge thankyou to all the people who have sponsored me so far, I've been amazed at the amount of encouragement and how many people want to help me to help many more people. It's the end of day two now, and I've gotten pretty crafty. My budget had...

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Live Below the Line- Food Shop
I've almost completed all my food shopping and here it is! All that remains is $1.30 which I plan on taking to the Food Co-Op at my uni tomorrow and spending on some chilli powder and hopefully some tea! My produce came from a total of four different superm...

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Live Below The Line
Live Below The Line is a charity campaign to help tackle extreme poverty, in which for five days the participants live below the poverty line, spending only two dollars a day on food. Tess and I have taken on the challenge this year for the first time! We a...
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