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Betty Frost, In Memoriam
All are invited to Betty Frost's funeral on Monday. The where and the when are below. If any wish to volunteer for the readings or some other service, please contact her son, Eric Frost, at:   From the LSA of the Baha'is of Hamilton: On...

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Peter, one of the leading lights of the Niagara Woodturners' Group, explains the "board to bowl" method of making a bowl at the meeting yesterday. Marv Ens shows how to make a mushroom shaped box with lid out of a tree branch, specifically, juniper or aroma...

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In Defense of Food, and our Health
In Defense of Food, and our Health Article for the Dunnville Free Press by John Taylor, 2 December, 2016 The DREAM “Raising Awareness” series held its November meeting at the Minga Restaurant, featuring the documentary, "In Defense of Food," by Michael Poll...

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DDHS presents: "WW1: The Boys Come Home"
The Dunnville District Heritage Association finished off its popular Great War commemoration series on November 23rd at Grandview Lodge auditorium. The presentation began  with this quote, "When war begins, nobody wins." Indeed, for Dunnville, as everywhere...

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Lunacy, Serious and Non-serious, essay posted 30 November, 2004
Lunacy, Serious and Non-serious originally written 30 November, 2004 At the time, my two kids were 10 (Silvie) and 5 (Tomaso) I must be getting quite a reputation in this town and not as the author of the "Open Secret." It is hard to miss us coming. Each ti...

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Is the Baha'i Commonwealth a form of Responsible Government, or vice versa?
As I write, Americans are sweating blood as Donald Trump introduces his cabinet appointees to the world. Who is this fellow he chose? Could be anybody.  When de Tocqueville analysed the American system, he noted that the presidency was in effect an elected ...

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Pauline Johnson, a Poetess Between Two Worlds
Pauline Johnson, a Poetess Between Two Worlds article by John Taylor for the Dunnville Free Press On October 26th, the Dunnville and District Heritage Association held its monthly meeting on Pauline Johnson, "a poetess between two worlds." The speaker was K...

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DREAM Kicks Off A Season of Activism
On October 14th at the Minga Restaurant, the DREAM youth group started its raising awareness series with the Michael Moore film, “Where to
Invade Next,” followed by discussion led by a member of the DREAM
team, in this case, Sarah Taylor (age 17). Sarah spo...

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D.D. Diner and Motel, Restaurant Review
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I was reminded of that problem when I visited D.D. Diner and Motel. Is it that people who are very good at what they do also create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere? Or do happy, friendly people create a workplace whe...

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The Year Dunnville Caught Fire
Historical Society Presentation: "1902, A Hot Year in Dunnville" The nature of citizenship has changed radically over the past two centuries in Ontario. Now, we are expected to pay our taxes, vote every few years, and not complain too loudly about how onero...
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