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This is my day

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Someone gave these as a gift, milder than i like but it's a solid Dominican. 

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Not bad, very straight forward service, I will return. 

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Having such a bad insomnia night and a caffeine free chai does nothing, not does a ice cream, or any other trick I can find

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You'll love this +Krista F​
Batkid Two Year Anniversary Field Art Situation Report:

November 15th, 2015.

Two years ago, the city of San Francisco was inspired to transform itself into Gotham City to bring one of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area’s most elaborate wishes come to life for Miles Scott, a survivor of lymphoblastic leukemia. With the help of the San Francisco Police Chief and the Mayor’s Office, and with the support of 25,000 fans, Miles transformed into Batkid. Over the course of a day, throughout San Francisco, he fought super-villains and rescued citizens while thousands of people cheered him on. 

On the second anniversary of Miles Scott’s adventure, agents from the Enlightened and Resistance factions coordinated to create a glowing bat signal over downtown. The artwork emanated as a beam from San Francisco City Hall and encapsulated areas where the Batkid had many of his encounters. Union Square, Nob Hill, and the Financial District were all bathed in the light of the Bat Signal. 

Starting at the top of Nob Hill, each team of builders took a different portion of the artwork. Three Resistance teams focused on the bat, while three Enlightened teams created the surrounding spotlight and beam. The circle of ENL links created a fence to keep blocking links out of the inside of the circle. The teams were working so efficiently, that at one point ENL agents started clearing a portion of the bat artwork, thinking it was a blocking field. Meanwhile, there was only minimal interference from agents who were not part of the operation, with friendly comms quickly letting them know what we were up to. One Resistance agent even decided to join in the op. The design was built in just under 2 hours, with both factions closing their final fields within minutes of each other. 

Afterwards, the teams headed to Vertigo where we had a viewing of the Batkid Begins documentary by Dana Nachman. In addition, the team raised $222 for Make-a-Wish Bay Area and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation with a raffle of Weapons of Mass Distraction prizes from +Happy Nerdcore and donated beverages from Vertigo Bar. At the end of the day we were super pleased with how well the event went. We were happy to raise some money for two very worthy organizations, and we hope the inspiration that Batkid brought us has inspired others as well. 

Resistance Team:

Enlightened Team:

Original Event Page with more photos:

Video of build progress:

#ingress   #sitrep   #fieldart   #missionsforgood  
+John Hanke +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Matilde Tusberti +Ethan Lepouttre +Linda Besh +Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project 
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+Krista F​ yaaaaaas
Elsa is kind of a b....
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OMG Yaaaaaaaas +Krista F+Vanessa Zermeno​
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