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Time to put an end to this shit. I was too scared to say anything for a long time, but I am not afraid anymore.

I am, however, hurt and angry.
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Is this the reason for you leaving Twitter?
It is so easy for us guys to forget what women have to put up with sometimes, thank you for reminding me.
Personally, I would only see it as a compliment, I think these "men" (boys) are sad individuals who people should feel sorry for other than take them seriously. I can see, however, how this could be dangerous, and this is what I'd be more worried about.
For the majority of these individuals, I'd say they are just sad and get on with it, but with the acceptance of this sort of behavior, leads to the rise of sexual predators in the industry, and this needs to be stopped before its a problem and this is the angle I'd take to try and stop this from happening.
Saying that, is it really any worse than most other industries, I think its just in industries where you have these types of conferences that it seems more prevalent because its easier to do than in an office, but that doesn't mean that the mindset or people in the other industries are different...
I really refuse to believe that this problem is localized to the SEO industry.
Oh definitely - I totally agree that it's everywhere, and that it's even worse elsewhere. But many people's treatment--make and female--is worse worldwide than it is for me... doesn't mean I shouldn't try to get this cleaned up... like you say, it needs to be stopped before it's a big problem.

I also think that it's probably miles worse in some other industries. Just from the few online gambling conferences I've gone to, I have seen worse. But again, this is my back yard, so this is the one I've got to focus on...
yea, that makes sense, these boys should be named and shamed...?
I should have named the guy from the first story at the time - if it happened today, I would. I fear it's "too late" now - there isn't much to be gained from it. I'm definitely never being quiet about it again, and I do hope that the discussion that came out of this whole thing will mean more people step in, or speak up, when things like this go on. I feel like I'm part of some big clean-up crew ;)
I find it shocking, and reasonably worrying, that there men out there who do not speak up in these situations, I can't imagine how pissed off I'd be if this happened to a woman that I was with (not necessarily seeing, just at the event with)...
The culture of "don't make a scene" is sadly ingrained into many of us, men and women. Which is definitely something I'm set on changing.
I apologize for the men who are too stupid to live. Maybe more women will now know how urgent it is that they not be allowed to reproduce. Thanks for voicing your outrage.
Hey John, thanks for the note - it made me chuckle! No need to apologise for idiots when you're not one! :)
SEO is all about detail and follow-through, which are not typical male strengths. We guys can push hard for new biz and get our psychic rewards, but our SEO work would often be inadequate if it weren't for the women in our shop. They keep me both amazed and grateful.