Fifty Shades of “White”: the Real Estate Market Aims to Please, Mr. Grey

Don't get me wrong: I love color. The real estate industry loves color. Do the research, though, of your real estate trends for 2015, and you'll find something quite shocking: believe it or not, but you'll find that a great majority of kitchens these days will have some kind of white-painted cabinetry. That's a fact.

White balances a space out. There's no way around it. You can have the various dark, warm, or cool colors for your countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, but all in all, you've got to have some white in there somewhere. For 2015, though, you can expect (and Mr. Grey, you better be listening, or I'll whip you) that the color "white" won't just be A color, but possibly MANY colors.

That's right: there are many different "whites" out there. There's off-white, creamy, stark, and even a pale blue-gray. Some accent of white will set your space apart from just being 'plain,' so while we want white, we get it with a bit of flavor and pizzazz, as we expect in the real estate market.

Now it's time to submit to Mr. Grey. He aims to please.
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