How Copper’s Coming in as the Premier Metal for Real Estate and Home Furnishings in 2015

Everyone seems to be so hung up on carpeting, wood floors and countertops. What about metal? Can't that have its due for home improvement, home furnishings and real estate design? Seriously!

No one pays any attention to some of the more integral features of home design, because it's not something you necessarily notice right away. But it gives that home that 'edge,' that universal APPEAL.

Pewter. Brass. Silver sterling. We see these metals on doorknobs, faucets and other knickknacks. Guess what's up for the new year as the enterprising metal for home design: copper. Yep, the same stuff pennies are made of.

Copper's hitting it big in the real estate market for good reason given the fact that we're still looking at a growing real estate trend of industrial chic and metallic beauty. You can use that copper in just about everything: from backsplash tiles to fixtures to even pots on dangling racks. Copper brings warmth without being overpowering.

For a metal, that's actually quite impressive.
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