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How to Make and Use a Question Ring Booklet: A Fun Get to Know You Tool
During sixth grade my favorite teacher would periodically
invite a student to sit on the teacher’s stool at the front of the room for a
short interview. Peering up from her clipboard of interview questions, she
would ask something silly, like “What brand of...

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10 Things Teachers Should Never Do
All people make mistakes. Teachers are no different. Here are some teaching mistakes I've made and learned from or have seen other teachers make. Punish the whole class for the mistakes of a few:   It may seem like the entire class was acting
up, but that i...

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10 Things the Best Teachers Do
When I think about the qualities of the most effective teachers I know, either from my own education or from colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with, these are ten things they all have in common. Be fair and consistent Communicate regularly with pa...

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Odd One Out: A Strategy to Get Students Thinking Critically in Any Subject
Example Odd One Out Problem Have
you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie? It is generally used as a simple
and fun icebreaker activity where each person gives three statements about him
or herself and others guess which one of the three is a lie. “Odd...

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11 Tips to Reduce Grading Time (and Make Grading Less Painful)
It was around this time of year during my first year of
teaching when I got completely overwhelmed with my grading load. My main
problem: I felt like I needed to grade EVERYTHING. Until speaking with other
teachers about how much time I spent grading, I did...

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Using a Reward System in Middle School
When I began teaching seventh grade science as a Teach for
America Corps Member, one thing that set my class apart from others was my use
of a reward system in a middle school setting. Prior to joining Teach for
America, I had earned two degrees in educatio...

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Back to School Site-Wide Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!
Great news! Teachers Pay Teachers is having a two day sale starting tomorrow. Get ready for back to school and stock-up for the year ahead. Everything in my store will be 20% off. Most other stores will have sales going on as well. Remember to use the code ...

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Away for a Little While
Hello! My family and I are going on a canoe trip in Canada for the next week and a half, so I will be away from all technology. If you send a message or ask a question on the blog I will respond when I get back. Enjoy your July and thanks for reading!

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Successfully Using Stations in the Middle School Classroom
I’ll admit, when I first began using stations the main
reason was so I didn’t have to make copies for 200 students. The copy
machines at my school were frequently broken, out of toner, and often
inaccessible due to high need from other teachers and the lack...

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Ways to Grow as a Teacher in a Secondary Classroom
In my classroom, I’m always looking for ways to improve. To
grow as a teacher, I reflect on my lessons and consider what went well, what
could have been better, and different methods to try in the future. In addition
to self-reflection, I welcome feedback f...
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