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Google finally seems to have figured out how to keep a common name email address from becoming a spam factory, so I'm gonna try to make the switch over to +John Daniel .

Catch up with me over there.

Anyone else having weirdness with their #galaxynexus and the mic dropping out every once in a while during calls? I can get it to come back by flipping to speaker mode and back, but its pretty annoying.

Maybe I'm hitting mute with my face or something.

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Congrats, Drew.... you got yourself a great record and me a fantasy championship on a single throw.


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Dead sexy, this guy....

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Can't help but think that this will feel like a hollow victory tomorrow because of Harrison/Woodley/Ben and a couple timely bad calls. Its a shame...9ers came all fired up, and they probably win this game even @ full strength.

Worried about my boys in week 19.

Eli's turned back into a pumpkin.

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I'm all on board Tom Brady, but having a long time Peyton man-crush, I do have to say this amused me.

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Words cannot describe how terrible Blaine Gabbert is. The man missed a wide open 250 pound tight end by 5 feet, and the guy was 6 yards away.
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