Full Moon in Aries October 11, 2011
Like the taste of water, how can we describe love?

Its individual for each one of us.

But the longing is universal.

We all search for that deep connection.

When it hit’s us, its like magic, it’s felt and so deeply touching.

Should it be expressed through music, poetry, art, or suffering, we are all connected to the search.

And like water its transparent to words, they don’t show the depth of what is felt.

Though the Moon in Aries is playful and hopeful for the emotional adventures of love its being effected by Saturn in Libra and the Sun in Libra.

Lesson’s in love and self-lessness is required in order to solidify any new or repairing any old relations.

Since all of us are feeling warrior like when we are hurt now.

Libra sun will soften the blow, and keep the peace, or AVOID the conflict all together.

We are learning to find the middle ground!

Hurray for a new passionate, intimate, way of communicating.

Who knew it could be civil? Must be that we all have been in the same Boat in High Sea’s, and now calmer water is on it’s way….

Were all taking a deep breath and being kinder to each-other… can you feel it?

Full Moon is in Aries

Sun in Libra is opposing

and Saturn is opposing our emotions (controlling the warrior)

Venus the planet of love has just entered Scorpio the keeper of secrets and manipulation of emotion (revenge).

Put this all together for an interesting play out of events.

I would describe the next 4 days chucked full of motivation into the next emotional impulse that brings a feeling of right action. (The Wall Street Occupation Spreading*)

But these feelings have much of the tug-of-war energy that keep us from finding compromise.

We think we are being fair, but the warrior aspect of being right is keeping us blind of responsibility of BOTH sides.

In order to find a solution we need to grow up and face the music.

Wall Street is wrong but didn’t we go along with it when money was good?

We feel justified now because we saved them and we were left to drown, but we created the selfish child so who’s going to budge?

When it comes to our personal feelings emotional responsibility helps the big picture.
Controlling impulses with less extreme confrontations can bring us to resolution.
Fault finding is a way to avoid the real culprit of emotion which is fear of being left out to dry.

How will facing the music help you find your real emotional gratification and bring it to fruition?

Set an intent to forgiving and resolving the conflict of lack and see the solution instead of the conflict in order to move into RESOLVE.

Libra is the sign of relationships and Justice (law). Fully expressed it will be harmonious in its affections, balanced, fair, beautiful, sensitive, graceful, cooperative, expressive, tender, and kind it loves beauty, harmony, balance, justice, partnership and marriage, the arts, and literature. Can you see the lesson? Harmonizing in relationships is called for now. Wanting to express the depth of connection through Creative Expression is also being amplified. We are called to learn NOW in order to GROW. So whatever your passion, you will find yourself wanting to move deeper into expressing it outwardly (Aries moon). Now lets look a little bit about what lies beneath…Astrologically. Venus is in Scorpio and the dark side of this is emotional manipulation. Were turning back the hands of time and visiting our indiscretions, but not all of them, the ones that have cut us deeply, and remain emotionally present somehow. We will hear from those that want to resolve old emotional wounds. Why and what tore it apart? We are looking at our connections, and longing for the depth in our intimate relationships. If we don’t have the intimacy currently, the lack of this connection will have us traveling back in time to the last time we felt it. Longing for this intoxicating connection can be painful, especially if you are IN a relationship that feels stale and sterile to it. We are digging through the surface issues, digging and diving into the core of what needs to be addressed. With Aries Moon we will not be able to keep the peace if we are not happy. The Sun in Libra will make communication diplomatic. But Aries Courage will pull you through to the other side of complacency. No more settling. Libra sun will look to resolve it, and with co-operation what you can work through now, may have taken years of therapy before. Like bullet speed you will know what is needed to turn around the situation. With the courage and the diplomacy to employ the other to see how to sign on, it should have a successful completion. If a middle ground is not found, the elephant will sit on top of you, and out of shear survival, deep changes will have to take place. So CHOOSE to have the courage to follow your heart! The time has come to trust that whatever surfaces is better than mediocre relationships. Do you have the love you need? Your heart is beckoning you to be courageous enough to change it by creating your happiness and savor life deliciously. Blessings! Joy in Manifesting! Nery Follow me:
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