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Hexagram Records
DIY Record Label from Royal Berkshire
DIY Record Label from Royal Berkshire


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Things That I Would Say If I Were On Tumblr
The canteen at work cooked a roast dinner today but I didn't like any of the meat that they did so my lunch was one sausage left over from the breakfast cook, six potatoes, eight brussell sprouts, gravy and mayonnaise. I made that decision as an adult. Say ...

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Pokemon Go
I won't insult Pokemon with a laboured pun. A retired Pokemon trainer would not put a long career in to disrepute by doing such a thing. I was there at the beginning. That is not a hipster statement, though the newer games have passed me by ( mostly by my l...

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Quiet Chef
I feel the need to make it known the that current (13/7/16) Diet Chef advert is cringe-worthy. It features a woman pleading with what I assume is herself wearing padding to start a diet. She is not a very good actress and I would assume is part of the adver...

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Brexit #4 - The Aftermath

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Brexit #1: An Introduction
So, the UK held it's EU Referendum on Thursday June 23rd. It decided to leave by a margin of 52-48. There has been much debate, mostly useless and unnecessarily heated, and it is difficult to find the facts. I have grown tired in only two days of attempting...

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Black Metal Food Joints
I tend to pester people about my interests and occasionally they indulge me. That's how I ended up talking with a friend of mine about what we would call a Black Metal burger place, though it quickly descends in to band names and food puns. We started with:...

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The Ecstasy Of Old
I am often surprised by people and stereotypes because stereotypes are inaccurate at best and people are just weird. Moving past my misguided attempt at an opening sentence, I was at a barbecue (which was mostly vegetarian, incidentally) and it had been goi...

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UK Fail
Couriers are infuriating when they get it wrong. I ordered a parcel on Wednesday 23/3 and it was due to be delivered 24/3 from 16:44 - 17:44. It didn't come. I had to wait the entirety of the Bank Holiday weekend before they would try and 'redeliver' it des...

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Come And 'Ave A Go If You're Baudrillard Enough
spent a lot of today reading about about Simulacra and Simulation after
being reminded of it in a discussion with someone about the Matrix. I
enjoy it as a thought exercise, working out which is which. I had
encountered Baudrillard briefly when I read...

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Things That Famous People Said
The current FBI vs. Apple debate is quite interesting and has given people yet more licence to quote historical figures wildly out of context. This is tied for people's top Internet hobby along with making up quotes that people from history said, or leaving...
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