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Interesting to see what the moto x will be like now that the new droid's have been announced. Hopefully, but not likely, the x stands for nexus...

Would really like to see Bill Gates come back to Microsoft. Lots of potential with the surface and windows phone devices. 

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Personally, I would love to have a 4.7 inch iPhone. Just big enough to read books and watch movies. Also would save me from having to buy a tablet. 

Exclusive games like spartan assault are a great way for windows phone and Microsoft to gain market share. Much like the original Halo on the first XBox. Will Microsoft take advantage of this? Probably not. 

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Freeride mountain biking.....CRAZY

Any one know of any good books on ruby or any good websites? I'm currently reading Learning to Program and am using the site codeacademy. Looking for a book/website with a bit more advanced training.  Thanks

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pretty awesome
:: when hurricane sandy hit NYC the other night I wondered what times square would look like in the middle of the storm - here's the view via photo sphere. #nexus4 #photosphere #hurricanesandy #nyc ::

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pretty cool

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I would rather have him stick to his beliefs than to flip flop...

Bill Clinton painted a very idealistic picture of the democratic party.  Not saying the republicans are any better, but I dont think his party is really living up to that speech. 
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