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Claus Ibsen
Work with open source integration. Author of Camel in Action.
Work with open source integration. Author of Camel in Action.

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Apache Camel 2.19 Released - Whats new
Apache Camel 2.19 was released on May 5th 2017 and its about time I do a little blog about what this release includes of noteworthy new features and improvements. Here is a list of the noteworthy new features and improvements. 1. Spring Boot Improvements Th...

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Developing cloud-ready Camel microservice talk from Red Hat Summit 2017
I am sitting at Boston Logan Airport and having a Samuel Adams lager and checking up my twitter timeline, emails and whatelse is happening. Two days ago I had my talk about developing cloud ready Camel microservices at Red Hat Summit 2017. The talk was vide...

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Mine and other Camel talks at Red Hat Summit 2017
Next week I am giving a talk at Red Hat Summit 2017 in Boston. S104668 - Developing cloud-ready Camel microservices Its a talk how to get started as a Java developer to build Java based microserves that runs on Kubernetes or OpenShift. Its a talk that is a ...

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Next phase with the Camel in Action 2nd edition book
This time its a longer ride for Jonathan and myself. Its about 2 years ago we started with the first words and edits for writing this book all over again. Here 2 years later we have just handed in our last complete draft of all the chapters and appendixes. ...

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Apache Camel first commit was 10 years ago on March 19th
Today marks a very special day as it was exactly 10 years ago the first commit of Apache Camel was done by its creator James Strachan. Added Mon Mar 19 10:54:57 2007 UTC (10 years ago) by jstrachan Initial checkin of Camel routing library The project was cr...

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Wanna work on cool open source projects like Apache Camel and fabric8
Jonathan Anstey whom is lead in the JBoss Fuse sustaining team (and also co-author of the Camel in Action books) posted a tweet today about an opening in his team. So if you want to work on cool open source projects upstream like Apache Camel, fabric8, and ...

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Complete overview of all Camel components and JARs
You can now see a complete overview of all Camel components, data formats, languages, and miscellaneous components at the Camel github website: Also we now count the total number as well, so ...

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Three Apache Camel talks in Aarhus on thursday 9th February
I am going to Aarhus to spread the word about Apache Camel. With me I have two other Camel riders whom will share their real life experience. So you get 3 for the price of 1. Well its gratis to attend so the price is 0 :) The event is hosted at Symantec and...

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Great podcast about Apache Camel from Java Pub House
Recently I listened to a podcast from Java Pub House posted on 7th of January 2017 where Freddy Guime and Bob Hollin talk about Apache Camel. Episode 62. Hm, what's the best to travel this holiday? on Apache CAMEL, of course! Freddy is new to Apache Camel, ...

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Apache Camel 2016 Numbers
Its been 5 years since I last did a blog post about the Camel numbers. Just to do a quick post on some of the numbers for the Apache Camel project in year 2016. Number of releases in 2016: 12 Number of posts on Camel user forum in 2016: 5423 Number of commi...
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