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Sofie De Wandel
Be the change you wish to see in the world
Be the change you wish to see in the world

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The Academy Awards and The Modern Social Revolution
In my History class we have current events that we analyze. The following text is how the Academy Awards reflected the Modern Social Revolution concerning inequality currently going on in the United States. It discusses how society is still not conforming t...

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The Silent Social Issue
    When I think of controversial social issues, I think of the Black Lives Matter Movement, LGBTQ rights, racism, police brutality, and (to some extend) the election. I also think of sexual assault, alcoholism, and sexual assault specifically on college ca...

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We are all Americans
            If I asked
you to stand behind our President-Elect, I’d probably face enough vulgar
comments, and death glares to send me crawling back into my dorm room and hiding
for the rest of my senior year…. Possibly my life. I’d probably get told all

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Australia: A Blonde Abroad
AUSTRALIA:  A Blonde Abroad Walking into the exercise science office at Berry and seeing a flyer about studying abroad in Australia freshman year was all what was needed for me to be convinced that I wanted to go study abroad down under. The program I chose...

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Sexual Assault is a never ending problem and it's an elephant I believe we need to remove from college campuses. 

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The Teal Elephant
SEXUAL ASSAULT: The Teal Elephant on College Campuses Every high schooler who has plans on continuing his or her education holds their breath hoping that someday a college acceptance letter will come into the mail. The application process is grueling, and w...

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Dealing with Fear: Part II
After the 2015 Paris Terror Attacks I wrote a blog post titled "Dealing With Fear"; it discussed the fear I had for Belgium, my country, and the people I know there.  On March 22, 2016, what I had feared became a reality; Terrorist had attacked Belgium. Tue...

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Dealing with Fear
       It seems as if the whole week has been filled with news reports and alerts about France and Belgium. Terror has seized both nations after the ISIS attacks in Paris and the terrorists were linked to Belgium. Seeing these news flashes, a national feeli...

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Dear Facetime, an open letter to a good piece of modern technology
Dear FaceTime,       I realize society often gives technology a bad rap. Researchers are constantly questioning whether our increase in technology is a beneficial or degrading factor for communication. The internet is filled with jokes, videos, and comments...
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