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Neil Gussman
Soldier, Writer, Dad
Soldier, Writer, Dad
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Courage and Fear: My Father on Fist Fights and Doctors
The ideal of the courageous person is one who can and will face any threat and pain in any situation with equal grace. That ideal person could go to war, find out they have cancer, or get a root canal with equal and undisturbed equanimity. Senator John Glen...

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Russia and America: Destined to Conflict
Nearly 200 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville visited America and wrote one of the most important books on America and American politics ever written: Democracy in America . In its nearly 1,000 wonderful pages is Tocqueville's assertion that conflict between ...

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Barracks Talk, Locker Room Talk and Old Soldiers
A few short years ago, when I was 59 years old, I was assigned to a field barracks in Northern Michigan with a unit I had never trained or deployed with.  The young men in the barracks were mostly mechanics and mostly under 25 years old.  The barracks was n...

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Volunteer Army Consolidated Mess
Consolidate Mess line, or German prisoners marching out of Stalingrad? In almost every way, I liked the draft Army and the Cold War
Army better than the 21 st Century Army, but that is not true of
food.   More specifically, that is not
true of the way the f...

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Elias King learned to cut hair while serving as a gunner’s
mate on a destroyer in the Pacific during World War II.   When I met him in 1982, he was planning to
retire and sell his barbershop.   After
getting my hair cut a couple of times in his shop, I coul...

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"...No Time for That, Gussman:" Book Report 2016, Fiction
Lt. Col. Scott Perry, Blackhawk Pilot, Battalion Commander, in Iraq, 2009 In December of 2009 Scott Perry, my battalion commander, burst into my office in his headquarters.  He was sending me on a mission the next day. When he finished the instructions he g...

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Band of Brothers: Book and Video
One of my favorite memories from the 1-70th Armor barracks in Wiesbaden, West Germany, was the night we watched "The Green Beret" starring John Wayne on the dayroom TV.  We hooted, hollered, and threw rolled up socks and popcorn at the TV for most of the tw...

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Blood and Money: The NATO Alliance
NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been in the news for months. For the first time since the organization was created, an American President has questioned the value of NATO and accused member nations of not paying their fair share. No one ...

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Of Course I am Happy! I Know Who the Enemy Is!
In October 1976, I was on patrol on the East-West German border at Fulda. I saw Soviet tanks on the other side of the border.  We had arrived from Colorado less than 48 hours before and had a full combat load of 63 cannon shells on board our M60A1 tanks. I ...

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The Rommel Effect
On social media and in news commentary, there is near universal agreement that making General James Mattis Secretary of Defense if a great thing for America and the Trump Regime. Not only is Mattis arguably the best living general in America, maybe in the w...
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