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Soldier, Writer, Dad
Soldier, Writer, Dad

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Cold War Hero Who Served After 1991
Armand Lattes, Professor Emeritus of the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the world faced a plethora of problems. In retrospect, the world did not handle the demise very well. Russia and the other former Soviet sta...

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Why is Veteran's Day Today? Who is a Veteran?
Almost 20 years ago when I had been a bearded civilian for more than a decade and was still almost ten years away from re-enlisting, I worked for a company with offices on five continents.  I went overseas every month for the three years I worked there.  In...

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The 60s was the heyday of “Mad Magazine” and MAD as the
centerpiece of our Cold War strategy. MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction—became
the plan to preserve the future of the world once the Soviet Union first tested
a hydrogen bomb in 1953.   The US and the S...

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My Last Tanker Nickname: Oddball
Donald Sutherland as Oddball, a tank commander in the movie "Kelly's Heroes" I got my last tanker nickname more than a decade after I
earned the nickname Sgt. Bambi Killer .   I
got that nickname on a business trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2000.   The compa...

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Field Guide to Flying Death: ICBMs
The name of every type of missile describes how far it
flies. So an ICBM, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile can travel at least
3,400 miles carrying one or more warheads.   The standard American land-based ICBM, the Minuteman III, can fly 8,100
miles be...

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Real Senior Moment and a Book About the Iraq War
I just had a real senior moment about a book about PTSD. The book, Thank You For Your Service  by David Finkel will be released soon as a movie.  Here's the trailer:  On Thursday of this week, I was talking the professor in a writing class I am taking. He a...

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Best Day in the Army and The Best Job I Ever Had
Two weeks ago I started writing about the best day of my life as a soldier out of the 6,575 days (18 years) I served in uniform. That day (I have to find the exact date) was Table VIII tank gunnery at Fort Carson, Colorado, in the Spring of 1976.  It was my...

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Different Water for Sinks and Toilets--Camp Beuhring, Kuwait, and Amtrak
On the train to Philadelphia recently, the toilets had water, but the sinks did not in the last two cars. I walked three cars away from my seat to wash my hands. On the way back, I let the conductor know about the lack of water.  He said there are different...

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A Cowboy Movie Set in St. Petersburg, Russia
Last week I watched the movie "Brother" of "Брат" in Russian.  The movie was filmed for just $10,000 in mid-1990s Russia, the worst economic times for Russia since the Mongol invasion in the mid-1200s.  The collapse of the Soviet Union left Russia alone wit...

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Six Days of War: Three Wars Lost in Six Days
Israeli Sherman Tanks in the Sinai, Attacking Egypt Ignorance Can be the greatest ally or the greatest enemy of an army at war.  In the book Six Days of War , Michael B. Oren explains in considerable detail how Arab ignorance and mistrust was the real key t...
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