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I just got a KanKun wifi plug. The android app did not work at all for configuring it. It took a bit to adapt the various hacks, but I was able to ssh in and connect it to my WPA2 secured wifi network.

My relay control is also different from the various hacks around the net:

My biggest problem so far is that the http daemon does not seem to exist. For everyone else it seems that it is just automatically running. Not only is mine not running, I do not see any configuration files for it at all.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I am having trouble setting up a combination of the mqtt and mqttitude bindings.  I am using OwnTracks publishing to CloudMQTT.

In both the CloudMQTT UI and MQTTlens I can subscribe and see the location updates from my phone.  But for some reason I am getting nothing in openhab.

I have android version 4 so I am using the old item config:
Switch PresenceJeremeHome1   "Jereme @ Home"   { mqttitude="cloudmqtt:owntracks/username/jeremephone:home" }

Can anyone give me a hint where I am going wrong?

I am also trying to pull straight from mqtt:
Number JeremesPhone          "Distance from home: [%.2f]" {mqtt="<[cloudmqtt:owntracks/username/jeremephone:state:default]"}

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This is a really cool idea. I bet I could create a nozzle to replace my current one using this idea and I could start printing in meddle

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Lime Berry

12 pm to 9 pm every day

near 2546-2610 S Santiam Hwy
Lebanon, OR 97355

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