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Ashwin Jayaprakash's Blog: Spring 2017 tech reading -

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Spring 2017 tech reading
and a belated happy new year to you! Here's another big list of
articles I thought was worth sharing. As always thanks to the
authors who wrote these articles and to the people who shared them on Twitter/HackerNews/etc. Distributed systems (and eve...

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Fall 2016 tech reading
almost the end of the year, so here's another big list to go through
while you wait at the airport on your way to your vacation. Java Introduction to writing custom collectors in Java 8 | NoBlogDefFound Graal & Truffle — Medium Why are Java 8 lambdas...

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Hello! I thought I'd share with you how I'm trying to maintain a distraction free environment at work (and at home). Ashwin.

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Summer 2016 tech reading
there! Summer is here and almost gone. So here's a gigantic list of my
favorite, recent articles, which I should've shared sooner. Java Introduction to writing custom collectors in Java 8 | NoBlogDefFound 5 Essentials for a Java 8 Tech Stack — Medium P...

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Spring 2016 tech reading list
Hello, Spring is here and so is another set of links that I've bookmarked for your reading pleasure. Java Terracotta’s OffHeap Explained by Chris Dennis Psychosomatic, Lobotomy, Saw: Safepoints: Meaning, Side Effects and Overheads Rapidoid Fluent - Fluent A...

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Vasquez Rocks and Channel Islands
It's 3 months too late, but better late than never eh? We did a trip to LA during the Labor Day weekend. Naturally, we had to visit Vasquez Rocks , it being one of the most featured rocks in Sci-Fi films. We still had plenty of daylight, so we decided to dr...

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Hiking at Pinnacles National Park
We spent the day after Thanksgiving at Pinnacles National Park . The weather was crisp and cool, with very light traffic, probably because everyone else was busy shopping. We did a 5 mile hike via the reservoir to Scout's peak and back to the visitor's cent...
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