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Thinking globally and acting locally
As many can imagine thinking globally is hard to do when you have never traveled.  Being American we have the freedom to travel from state to state and not have to worry about the change in currency or language.  I just returned from taking my children to U...

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Global Citizen
What does it mean to be a global citizen?   According to a global citizen
is someone who identifies with being a part of an emerging world community and
whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and
practices.   Assuming th...

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Differing ways of living in the world
The good thing about traveling abroad is the difference in
food and drinks that can be experienced.   I was excited to try some new foods, and drinks, but by the end of the
trip I was ready for a homemade meal and some soda on ice.   Eating out at a pub was...

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Looking like a local
I feel that it is very important for people to understand that looking like a tourist can be a bad thing.  As Americans we are very symbolic in what we like to wear.  All of our cloths have some sort of symbol on it.  We wear hoodies and sweat pants and we ...

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Well we are down to one week left before we leave on this adventure!  I can not believe that the time has gone by so fast.  Dr Nobiling has done such a terrific job trying to prepare us for this trip and this experience.  I have also been talking to my mom ...

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Two weeks and counting
Two weeks until I leave for London, I am overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness!  I am trying to slowly pack my suitcase for things I think I will need, and making a list of things that I will need to pack later.  I have been thinking a lot about what ...

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Global Issues and Concerns
I often hear people wanting to cure world hunger, or wishing everyone around the world had enough food to eat.  In order to lesson the problem of world hunger we need to alleviate world poverty.  Poverty is linked to world hunger.  We have to concentrate on...

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British Etiquette
As the days become closer I can't help but think how I can try and blend in more, and not look so much like a tourist.  I decided to look up the etiquette of the British, this is some of the things I came up with.  Depending on the social class, norms are a...

For purposes of policing and criminal justice, England and Wales are treated as one unit. Even though our system derived from England, they are still very different then the United States.  Policing is handled by forty-one locally organized police forces in addition to the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London police force. Most police officers carry a nightstick, with only designated officers carrying side arms. Persons suspected of committing a crime may be stopped and searched. More extensive searching is possible with authorization from a senior officer. For most crimes the police require judicial authorization to make arrests, but for higher offences such as murder, authorization is unnecessary. The maximum period of detention without a charge being leveled is ninety-six hours.  The Home Secretary of the United Kingdom has overall responsibility for policing in England as well as for the prison service, the probation service, and the criminal law.
Criminal law is a combination of statute law made by Parliament and common law (case law). Founded in 1985, the Crown Prosecution Service prosecutes criminals arrested by the police. The court system is adversarial, and the accused is defended by a lawyer (a solicitor or barrister) who attempts to disprove the case presented by the Crown Prosecution Service. Cases that go to Crown Court involve a trial by a jury of the accused person's peers with guidance from the presiding judge. In all other cases not on appeal, the defendant is tried in magistrate court by a judge who decides the case with the assistance of a law clerk. The accused or the Crown may appeal a judgment to a higher court, with the highest court being the House of Lords. Except for treason and a few other offenses, the highest penalty is a custodial sentence.

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We are five weeks away from our trip and I am getting really excited.  I chose to go on this trip because I wanted to see up close where our criminal justice system was born.  I am so excited to see the inquisitorial system and compare it to our adversarial...
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