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Seems like a rookie question, but I'll ask it anyway:

Is there any reason for a business/brand to create both a Google+ community AND a page? Or one vs the other?

I'm surprised at the lack of analysis on this (that I can find, anyway.) Andy insights here?

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Bear's teacher Ms. Natalie. She's really, really good with him, even when he's a little brute.

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Ok plus friends, solve a mystery for me.

I believe that I remember using the iPhone Google+ app to join a hangout... like weeks ago.

It seems that now you have to download a second app, now called Hangouts.

Am I remembering correctly that the hangout feature used to just be in the Plus app?

This internet stuff moves so fast... I feel old for being fuzzy.

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Glad to join this auspicious group of nerds... Nerds... NERDS!!!!

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Insightful commentary and legal guidance for NH startups regarding how to share equity ownership with business partners.

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Schedule Announced for Crowdfunding Mini-Conference!

Check out the schedule, speakers, and register today. Coming right up on us- a week from Thursday (July 26th).

Anybody out there ever successfully ported a 603 number into Google Voice?

Open Note to Google Checkout:

We abandoned your payment service today, and wanted you to know why.

1. We are a nonprofit and were hoping for lower or comped fees. Been two months waiting to see if we'd be accepted into the Checkout grants program. No word, and no way to reach you.

2. You are rejecting payments from our customers as a "High Risk Order" and offering only mysterious reasons for it. These are people we know personally, and their cards aren't stolen, or even risky. Your risk controls are set to 11, and that's creating way too much work for us.

3. Payment verification- when you reject someone's card, you then expect them to scan and send private information to Google to verify their credit card. Isn't this what we (through you) pay Visa and Mastercard and other security layers to do? I don't blame anyone who doesn't trust you with these details, and its an affront to ask for them.

4. You require someone to sign up for a Wallet account to offer payment. This should be optional like Paypal.

In general, I find Google Checkout to be a half-assed product. Even with free or reduced fees, I think we'd rather pay the 2.2% with Paypal (a far from perfect company and service) than put up with these idiosyncrasies.

I hope somebody within the Checkout team who is as frustrated as we are can use this feedback to make some headway. Good luck.

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WANTED: Disruptive Innovators, Ideas, Teams, and Businesses for Disruptivate! Conference. Nominate them to speak and tell their stories.
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