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No matter the kind of light bulb you're looking for, you're likely to find it here at Bulb Direct.
No matter the kind of light bulb you're looking for, you're likely to find it here at Bulb Direct.

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From now until June 30th, take 30% off any of our in stock general lighting that starts with the prefix 96-.

We have 640 different 96- bulbs in stock that include, but not limited to:

- Halogen Bulbs
- Tungsten-Halogen Bulbs
- Incandescent Lamps
- Flood Lighting
- Bug Lights
- Heat Lamps
- Grow Light Bulbs
- Oven Lights
- Summer Outdoor Lighting
- Medical, Scientific, Ophthalmic, and Veterinarian Industries

Bulb Direct carries all the major brands!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our knowledgeable sales team at 1-800-772-5267. They'll be happy to assist you.

Bulb Direct, a distributor of specialty and replacement light bulbs, recently introduced OSRAM's XBO® at a reasonably low price.

Osram offers innovative and sustainable lighting solutions for many applications. OSRAM's XBO, product # 69183, is an ideal choice for fiber illumination devices for Medical, Scientific, and even Industrial areas. In particular, surgical devices that benefit from the accurate color rendering and intense beam of the XBO light source.

There are many different types of lamps you can go with, however XBO lamps from OSRAM have an additional advantage: Not only were they developed by OSRAM in the mid-20th century, they were successfully designed to not only be operated in a vertical burning position, but also horizontally. This development made it possible to increase the brightness of the theater screen by about 30% with the same lamp wattage. OSRAM has been producing reliable, high quality XBO lamps for a number of
applications for over 60 years.

- Product Number: 69183
- General Description: 180W, Xenon Short Arc with Reflector
- Average Life: 500/hrs

Application for Medical & Scientific:
- Endoscopy
- Microscopy
- Boroscopy
- Analyzing and Diagnostics
- Surgical Headlamps

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Behind the scenes here at Bulb Direct, our team has been beavering away on trying to provide the best for our customers. We've been listening to you and now have the capacity to ship select 48" or larger tubes. Whether switching from older options or replacing current LED lights, we've got your back!

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The Draft Beer Tap Handle & The Power of illumiTap Technology

The power of light has been attracting consumers for ages. Putting bright lights inside beer tap handles is a simple yet powerful technique that helps increase sales and provides real-time data for beer brands.

Major beer brands can see exactly how much beer is being poured, when and where. Interaction directly with consumers can be done via Bluetooth push messaging, apps and more.

With tens of millions of tap handles in use around the world today, illumiTap's patented technology is poised to change the entire landscape of the draft beer industry.

#draftbeer #lettherebelight #LEDillumination #technology

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Plant Productivity in Response to #LED Lighting

Watch the video below for information on #Osram LEDs for #horticulturallighting.

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Bulb Direct is proud to announce that they've added Satco, a high quality brand name lighting source to their growing list of suppliers.

Aware of the competitive marketplace that exists, Bulb Direct recognized the need for more quality lighting brands and believes Satco lives up to its description in every way; Satco - Lighting Innovation and Technology.

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Producing both organic and non-organic, nutrient-rich #herbs and #microgreens in a fully controlled indoor facility, Philips Light and EcobainGardens are taking #verticalfarming to the next level! #GreenPowerLED

By upgrading the fluorescent lighting previously used in the facility to LED, Philips Lighting is helping the vertical farming pioneer to produce at commercial scale, accelerate growing cycles and grow healthier, more consistent plants, while saving up to $30,000 Canadian in energy costs per year.

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It's Bulb Madness month here at Bulb Direct and to celebrate we are offering 10% off Projector LCD Replacement Bulbs. If #sports are a big draw to your spot and the #beer comes next, upgrade your projectors and LCD bulbs before the next big #game. Bulb Direct has you saving while entertaining!


Use Promo Code [ BulbMadness ] at checkout or call us today at 1-800-772-5267 and our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you and get you what you need! #LCDReplacementBulbs #lightbulbs #sale

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We love our customers!
The reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do more.
We want to hear from you. Tell us how we're doing.

"Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts." ~ Winston Churchill
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