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No, it isn’t HUMP DAAAAY!!, but it is trivia day here at SEO Advantage.

Our interesting little tidbit of trivia today has to do with Google Caffeine…

Just what is Google Caffeine you may ask?

Click on over to our blog for the answer, and learn why Caffeine is an integral part of the world’s largest search engine.

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Many of us find the Google Suggest tool indispensable at quickly finding what we’re looking for online by providing suggestions as we type in the search. Its popularity has grown to the point that it has become a permanent fixture on the search giant.  When did it first rollout? Check out our Friday Trivia for the answer and brief look at this tool many of us have come to rely on…

The absolute best thing on the internet this week in SEO is this incredibly in-depth guide to Google Algorithms. The author calls it a cheat sheet, but as someone points out in the comments, it might as well be a textbook. I’d wager there’s something new in there for each of us to learn.
That’s not the only robust, useful content on the internet this week for online marketers, though. Check out the other great links from the SEO world . . .

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When New Year’s Day rolls around each year, there are generally some noteworthy changes to aspects of the U.S. federal tax code. The IRS and the federal government make rulings on tax-related matters each year, and many of these changes have a direct impact on nearly all taxpayers. Here are a few of the most significant tax law changes you should be aware of for the year 2014: #taxes

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In terms of operating a small business, bookkeeping is an integral aspect of recordkeeping to ensure a company is on firm financial ground for both the present, the near future, and over the long haul. It’s essential to keep close tabs on the profits your small business brings in, its regular expenses, and the tax payments it owes to Uncle Sam. #business

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In today’s competitive market, your website must be mobile optimized to stay ahead of competitors. Google Webmaster Trend Analyst Mariya Moeva wrote a blog article Wednesday warning webmasters that Google is now showing smartphone searchers when a website has a “faulty redirect” that sends the searcher to your home page, not the page they clicked on. Here’s a few Google tips to help direct your audience to the right pages:

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The most critical component of content marketing is images. Discover the best places online to get free or low cost images to use with your content. Images can generate significant web traffic from image-based search engines, like Google Images. Find out how to optimize your images for best results.

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A neat story about harnessing social media and ecommerce for traditional products...

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