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Tech tricks for smartphones,Apps, wearable tech, consumer drones and 3D printers
Tech tricks for smartphones,Apps, wearable tech, consumer drones and 3D printers


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Nexus 9 Tips and Tricks!
Nexus 9 Tips and Tricks!
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The New IPhone 6: The Growth

Some of the biggest news in the tech world nowadays is about the new Apple product for the year. Whether it be the new iPad or the new iPhone, it’s always the news competing with Android and Samsung’s new products.Last year Apple released the IPhone 6 and the 6 plus, complete with the largest screens so far.

People were lining up days ahead of time to get their hands on the slimmest designed phone so far, slipping it seamlessly into their pockets with excitement clear on their faces.

The IPhone 6 brought the return of many familiar features, retina display for instance, but also many new and exciting features and a much improved camera.

Apple has improved the motion capture software enabling the user’s ability to grow as easily as their phones have. The slow motion features have increased, now allowing 240 frames per second as well as the 120 that became available on the iPhone 5s. The stabilization features have also been improved, offering cinematic video stabilization that enables much more ease when recording without the use of a tripod or other stand. Along with the return of the true tone flash, everything combines to make beautiful photos and video, especially compared to those taken by the earlier models.

Although the introduction of camera phones made capturing life’s moments more possible than ever, not everyone prides themselves on their photo and video quality. For those who adore shopping, or even for the ease of not carrying multiple credit cards, the iPhone 6 also brought along Apple Pay. Much like Passbook stores boarding passes, Apple Pay allows users to store multiple credit cards on their devices. To enable safe shopping it requires the fingerprint ID to allow the credit card information to be transferred, but allowing users to stop fishing through purses and pockets for our cards and then finding the proper card makes shopping an easier and smoother experience for all involved.

Some things become so popular and work that there’s no need to change them, as mentioned before, retina display made its triumphant return, along with the fingerprint identity sensor that’s been built into the home button since the 5s. While other features remained popular but also had the chance to be improved upon. Face detection has been improved on the camera, and the battery life has been extended which will always be a wonderful improvement.

Nowadays the more information we can carry in our pockets the better. When iPhones first came onto the scene, the largest memory available was 16 gigabytes of data. At the time it was a huge thing, suddenly we could have apps and music everywhere we went and could just carry our phones, no need for an iPod and a phone filling up both pockets, and now we had extra gaming options too. Looking back, however, 16 gigs is tiny, with tech advancements we can fit more than that on a micro usb, so of course the iPhone grew as well. The iPhone 6, though still available in a 16 gig model, goes all the way up to 128 gigs, add in cloud storage and that larger than computers used to be, all right in your pocket, and still able to make phone calls.

With any new phone we all expect some new things to learn and get used to and Apple is known for upgrading iOS as often as they upgrade their phones. The swap from iOS 6 to iOS 7 brought in a lot of changes, and a lot of new things to get used to. iOS 8 brought some terrific improvements to accompany the iPhone 6, though not as many adjustments to get used to from iOS 7, there was still plenty to be excited about. The ease of shifting from iOS 7 to iOS 8 has been widely well accepted, minimizing the pains allows people to really just enjoy the new aspects as well as the excitement of having a brand new piece of tech in their hands without having to start completely from scratch.

We live in a world that is as much impressed with form as well as function, with so many people keeping up on fashion trends, we all need something that can meld seamlessly with every situation. The new IPhone 6 may be the largest yet, but it’s also the sleekest. It can fit into pockets of skinny jeans or even into the small clutch bag that matches your favorite dress. Or slip it into your back pocket out of the way while you work and flood music directly to your headphones while not getting in the way of your movements.

If silvers and golds aren’t the colors you want in your scheme, or even if you just wanted and easier way to pick your phone out of a line up, the addition of a case of your choice, many of which capable of carrying the credit cards and ID keeping them close at hand in case you don’t want them uploaded to Apple Pay. But don’t forget to finish up the personalization with your own background, play around with the camera functions and find the perfect display for your newest accessory, make both the lock screen and the background something different if you prefer to mix it up! Or let it change with the seasons, but don’t forget to use it as a phone as well and keep in touch with all the important people in your life.

It has never been easier to keep in touch and the competition to offer the best phone will keep that ability constantly growing.
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The Most Underrated Apple iPad Features

Nowadays technology has evolved so much that there are literally thousands of options and thousands of small tasks we can do with our Apple iPhones and iPads, and to be honest, we don’t even know about half of them. It might not be a bad idea at all to just take a few hours to look up the app store and find out some new things we never knew existed.

Most people stick to what they already know, to what is popular, and to what they know to be reliable. Nevertheless, iPads have a lot of cool features that people end up overlooking and ignoring due to the fact that other features are simply more popular. From small post it notes to crazy games, technology is on a roll.

In an Apple iPad you can do some really useful stuff, and in this article we will talk a little bit about some of the most underrated features in an iPad. Hopefully, it will not only show the reader that there are some pretty cool underrated stuff in our world, but as well open people’s minds regarding the fact that there are thousands of apps out there waiting to be discovered, and in fact, they might be hiding a really big deal underneath them, their potential just needs to be discovered.
Document scanning:
From the iPad 2 up, iPads have cameras on them, and these cameras are good enough to scan up some documents. Using apps to scan documents, a lot of paper can be eliminated from the office, a lot of room can be saved, a lot of trees can be saved (this is very important). On top of all that, this is a great way to get back up copies of documents. So when you need to make a copy of document A or B and don’t want to waste some money, just run it through the scanner and keep the copy with you.

Keyboard shortcuts:
iOS offers keyboard shortcuts, and with the help of these, a simple abbreviation or a small group of letters can turn into a whole sentence. The first obvious use for this can just be the slang in our language, but if we think a little bit more about the subject, the possibilities are almost endless. Doing things right, by simply typing your name, you can put in your whole final signature, or your salutation. Just thinking a little bit more about the subject can really get you somewhere.
Presentation control device:
It’s time to present your big assignments, and you are not to keen on the timings and all that. You want to focus on your presentation, not on whether or not it is time to change to a new slide, or if you have been wasting too much time on a particular slide and not giving enough attention to others. Well, there is a solution for this with the iPad. With the slideshark app, you just need to upload your PowerPoint presentation and play a little bit with it to find out about its features. Timing, notes, passing slides and so on will no longer be a problem, and that is just great.
Photo editing:
The dominant days of Photoshop are over. With the technological expansion we have been seeing, some cool apps like iPhoto or Snapseed came around, and are here to stay. These apps are even used by professional photographers to edit their amazing work, but they can be pretty much used by anyone who owns an iPad and is willing to get the apps. Even if you only want to edit your family photos, or just touch things up a little before launching that selfie into social media, you don’t even need to connect your iPad to a computer, just get it done, and enjoy the reactions to your photos.
Notebook killer:
Since the iPad came along, even notebooks are in danger of going down. It is possible to use an iPad to take better notes than what one would be able to take manually. The idea of throwing away the notebook and embracing the iPad is not a new one, but it is one that just keeps on getting more and more popular: mainly because you can take notes a lot faster than what you could with a pen. This is great, especially in situations like in class, where the teacher is just talking and talking, and you need to keep following him, and at the same time take notes. It is a really though skill to acquire, the skill of speed writing, but it is a lot easier to do it with an iPad.
Use it as a remote:
The remote control is lost somewhere in the couch, God knows where! Or it just might be in front of the TV, it might as well be in China, you sure don’t want to get out of your comfortable position to go get it. No problem, your cable/satellite provider is extremely likely to have an app for your iPad. You can adjust your iPad to your TV, and in some cases, you will even be able to change channels, adjust volume, and do all sorts of things you would do with a remote.
These are just some examples of incredibly underrated Apple iPad features, and with the usefulness of these, there are a lot more. Again, with the thousands of apps available, the possibilities are pretty much endless.
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Why You Need A 3D Printer

Printing in 3D Printer came into the picture not long ago, and truth be told, it just rocked out world. But people are still very skeptic about their usability, and a lot of people still prefer to buy things or make them themselves, rather than printing them in 3D Printer. The machines are expensive, obviously, but then again, it is pretty clear that such a machine needs to be expensive – plus, it can! Nevertheless, these printers have a lot of untapped potential in them, and it just needs to be discovered.

These printers are something we can clearly live without, why print a determined utility when you can just go ahead and buy it ? Still, if the potential within them is unleashed, they can be as useful as trucks are for industrial transportation services. For example, warehouses could easily adopt 3D printing in order to boost manufacturing productivity, and it can also be used to create affordable prosthetics too.

In fact, 3D printers are amazing when it comes to innovations, and the best users for them are artists, inventors and other commercial workers. Nevertheless, the best users for a calculator are mathematicians, but it doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t have one with us just in care, and it certainly doesn’t mean we do not know how to use one. 3D printers are ready to hit homes, and the price for a lot of them has dropped below 1,000$, and in fact, it can go even lower than half of that value.

Fortunately for us, the 3D printer makers have though about everything for us, and while they work on programming instructions to create objects, there are pre-loaded instructions ready to be used, and in these pre-loaded instructions, all you have to do is select what you want, hit print, and wait for the printer to do it’s magic. After a crazy supply of the objects these instructions have, you can go on an adventure, and try and find out what else you can end up creating with a 3D printer. With some creativity and imagination, no one really knows how far you can go. But then again, if you don’t feel like thinking and don’t really want to get creative, you can just go ahead and search online, and soon enough you will find platforms like Thingiverse, where creators share their designs with the world.

So, basically, the only real skill required to use a 3D printer properly, is creativity. All in all, you just need to be a little creative with what you can do, and just sit back and enjoy the results of your creativity. As an example, we can talk a little bit about decorations or normal, every-day household objects.

In this example, we can clearly understand how easy it is to have unique decorations people will certainly admire, and it will be a subject to talk about, whether they like it or not, simply because of the fact that is will be so interesting. Questions will range from “where did you buy it?”, to “was it expensive?”, and to both these questions you can just smile and tell people you did it yourself. It doesn’t really get any better than that.
Just as an idea, you can even create, let’s say, a small living room on top of your table, so you can pretty much have a living room, inside a living room. All you need to do is be creative, look up models (or create them yourself if you’d like to), and get things done. It can end up being a cheap task taking into account that small decorative objects can be incredibly expensive for no reason at all.

At the end of the day, 3D printers can even be used for educational purposes. Let’s imagine a situation in which a child is having a lot of trouble with simple math, like multiplication (although it is pretty simple to us, failure to understand the concept can make it pretty though on the child). In this situation, the father of the child could just use the 3D printer to print away an object that they already have at home, and after printing said object, it can be explained that he multiplied the object, making it of easy comprehension for the student. Of course this is an extremely simple example, and a good amount of other examples could be given, and the usefulness of the printer would still apply.

These machines can be expensive if you aiming for top quality, but they sure make up for it in the long run, as long as you treat them the way you are supposed to,and they will end up providing a good return on the money you spent. All in all, a 3D printer is only as useful as it’s owner makes it. And if you are a very creative person, you will certainly see a lot of qualities in the printer making it one object you surely need to have. Then again, even if you are not a creative person, exploring the limitless possibilities a 3D printer provides you would certainly be a great exercise to help you develop your creativity.

In this article we looked a little bit into the practical uses a creative mind can give to a 3D printer at home, but the possibilities are way more than the ones exposed in here. As a final example, it is clear that the printer can be used as a creative relieve used to escape the stress of our everyday lives.
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How To Make Your iPhone Even Better
It’s an iPhone World – Like it or not!

Everybody who is anybody knows these two simple facts, #1 – People who prefer Google’s Android operating system for their cell phones love to argue, especially those with the higher end phones and #2 – iPhones are the coolest, best looking, most capable and most reliable phones in the history of mobile phones. Every other high end manufacturer is playing for second place.

The overwhelming majority of people with iPhones love their iPhones and would never consider using anything else. This brand loyalty is why Apple enjoys tremendous pricing power with its phones. Even the mid-generation releases (4s, 5c and 5s) sell like crazy. Apple has taken every other manufacturer’s best punch and barely even flinched. Apple has been on the leading edge of the smart phone tidal wave since day 1 or the iPhone’s existence. The only notable game of catch up Apple has seemingly ever had to play was to match the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. Maybe the plan was always to offer a bigger phone when the time was right or maybe Apple misread the demand for screen size. Either way, the iPhone 6 and 6+ put the size issue to bed and made a whole bunch of Samsung’s television commercials obsolete.

The only chink in the iPhone armor, if you can call it a chink, is a shorter battery life than most would prefer. It’s not an invalid point. If you really use your iPhone for even a fraction of what is capable of then you are in the habit of charging it at least once a day. There are a few tips that may help you squeeze a couple of more hours out of each charge.

How to extend your iPhone Battery Life
The answer to this question is fairly straight forward, and unless you know your iPhone’s various settings menus by heart, will take a few minutes to actually accomplish.

The first 22 tips involve turning on or off (mostly off) various features that are standard on the iPhone. Don’t get too excited or upset though. There is no law that says you have to take any of these suggestions. In fact, you may not even be aware of a lot of them. Think of them as the electric seat warmer in your car. You don’t need or use them more than a few times a year and when you do need them, all you have to do is turn them on.

• Turn off Auto Brightness

• Manually set brightness to the lowest level comfortable

• Set the Auto Lock to 1 minute

• Turn on Airplane Mode – this will turn off the phones antenna. Only use this if you don’t need access to data, GPS or to make or take calls. In other words – you’re just walking around.

• Turn off the Bluetooth – unless you’re using it – duh!

• Turn off the Wi-Fi – see above

• Turn off Airdrop feature

• Disable 3G

• Turn the volume down a bit

• Turn off the vibration

• Turn off Spotlight – or at least unnecessary categories

• Turn off some of all iCloud syncing

• Turn off location services – this is a huge battery drainer

• Turn off Background App auto refresh

• If nothing else, make sure auto refresh and location service for Facebook is off

• Turn off App Auto Update

• Turn off Siri’s Raise to Speak feature – otherwise Siri will ‘listen’ every time you raise the phone.

• Turn off the Music equalizer

• Turn off the auto time zone feature – this won’t get you much, but sometimes every little bit helps

• Turn off Push Email service – choose a time interval (15, 30 or manual) to download email

• Turn the Reduce Motion feature on – this is what makes the app icons look like they are on different planes when you move it. It’s cool, but…..

• Turn off Dynamic Background – see above

Quit Watching Netflix and/or playing God of War
In case you didn’t realize it, motion and sound require processing power which requires juice from – you guessed it – the battery. Forrest Gump will be waiting for you once you get your charge on. Games are really hard on a battery’s charge as well and it doesn’t have to be the super duper war games. A few games of Candy Crush will cost you a couple of minutes of charge.

Run the Battery all the way Down before Charging
This really does help keep your battery operating at maximum efficiency. If you charge it every time it gets to 20% – eventually the battery will think an 80% charge is a 100% charge. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist of a battery engineer to explain exactly how this works – but it wouldn’t hurt either. One thing is for sure – it definitely won’t hurt anything.

Buy an Extended Life Battery
When all else fails and you have to have a phone, then you know what has to be done. The latest offerings of the extended life batteries aren’t bad looking at all.

Even if you can only use a few of these tips and tricks you should see your battery performance improve. You probably won’t even notice a difference when disabling most of the bells and whistles.

You may not realize it, but the computing power in your iPhone dwarfs the computing power that was onboard the Apollo 13 space mission (look it up if you don’t know). But much like the brave men that were very nearly stranded in outer space – all of that computing power isn’t worth a darn if the battery is dead.

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