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How to Stage your Home for a Quick House Sale

Home staging is one of the strategies that you can use to sell your house fast. Generally, the goal is to maximize the appeal as well as value of the home ahead of a sale. It entails decorating the home in a manner that will show case the best assets in the home ostensibly to impress buyers and be able to sell quickly for the highest price possible.

Why is home staging important?
Although it is not mandatory, staging is a great way to ensure that you do not settle for a lower price when your home is worth so much more. Besides, you also do not want to have your home listed for a long period.
As such, staging is one of the lucrative projects you can bet on prior to a home sale. Always keep in mind that prospective buyers are not only interested in a structure they can live in rather, they are also driven by the need to fulfil their dreams and improve their lifestyles. Thus, staging is an excellent way of selling those dreams and creating emotional purchase that is capable of generating more money from the sale of the home.
Staging is also important because it lets buyers have an actual picture of the home as opposed to seeing the work that needs to be done once they move in. Remember, buyers will want to negotiate the value of your home after taking into consideration all factors including areas that will require to be fixed once they move in.

How to Stage your Home Successfully
Although there are numerous tips for staging specific rooms, you will do well to focus on the big picture improvements as well as areas that will make a significant difference in the sale of your home. Some of the areas that you need to consider for staging include the entryway and exterior that are key in forming a first impression for the buyer. The living room, bathrooms, master bedroom, outdoor living space and kitchen are also worth considering for staging.

Here are some of the techniques you can employ when staging your home in as many rooms as possible:

• Clean
Generally, prospective buyers will be interested in seeing new appliances that come with the home. However, if your appliances are used you can give them a facelift by cleaning them so that they are spotless. Remember, splattered spaghetti sauce, piles of crumbs or films of grease will instantly turn off potential buyers. Similarly, ensure your bathroom is sparkling and spotless even in areas where you think no one can see.

• Declutter
This is another simple way and affordable way of staging your home before a sale. Clutter tends to distract buyers from seeing the features of your home. Besides, it makes the home look as if it is limited in terms of adequate storage space. Always keep in mind that you need to arouse the buyer’s interest in major areas in the home including the closet, kitchen and bathroom by carefully tossing away those things that may not add value to the sale process.

• Depersonalize
Let buyers envision themselves in your home by removing all personal items such as family photos, items that have names of family members or even refrigerator art. Be sure to put away toys as well as other items that are highly reflect the current inhabitants of the home.

• Eliminate bad odours
Different things can make the home smell. Interestingly, you may be immune to the smell of your home. Thus, you will do well to get a third party to help you tell if the house has bad oduor. You can use some inexpensive tricks to rid your home of oduors while giving it an inviting aroma. For instance, you can burn vanilla scented candles, bake cinnamon coated apples or grind half lemon in garbage disposal to eliminate sink oduors. Although spraying to deodorize you home may seem to be a cheap option, it hardly gives the true image of your home.

• Define your rooms
Always ensure that every room has a single purpose that is well defined. In addition, ensure that every space within the room has a purpose to enable buyers see how they can maximize the square footage. If you have a finished attic, you can convert it into an office while a finished basement can be converted to an entertainment room and a junk room be transformed into a guest bedroom. While the buyer may not use the room for the defined purpose, it is a sure way of showing prospective buyers the potential of the room.

Well, you need to be careful to desist from the temptation of putting too much money into the staging process. Thus, your emphasis should be mainly on the best features of your home while keeping in mind that what sells your home and what will make it more usable may not be the same thing. Thus, ensure the home staging efforts are designed to appeal to a wide clientele. #sellhousefast #quickhousesale read more at:

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