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Remember what goes around comes around! Combat guys like myself want to see
this guy go away! I would rather see Tebow play any day of the week!
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Todays problems, especially with cities with high crime and social problems (Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington DC, St Louis, etc.), have to do with the following issues.

1. breakdown of the family structure (70% of babies out of wedlock, fatherless homes)
2. ghetto (drug, gang) environment rather than family friendly communities 
3. police presence and enforcement treated as bad guys
4. small ineffective business community (taxed heavily, not protected by police)
5. failed public school system (lack of a discipline environment) 
6. large criminal population
7. ignorant, low information population (do not value education)
8. welfare system that keeps away fathers and provides a disincentive to work
9. single political party rule (Democratic Party)
10. few if any quality business malls or cut rate mega stores with low prices
11. public safety and a secure community structure is non-existent
12. a class of people who have been stuck in this environment for generations.
13. etc.
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