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Making Macs and iOS simpler to understand.
Making Macs and iOS simpler to understand.

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Apple released a Supplemental Update for Mountain Lion and Lion.  Be sure to update your system.

It’s now been a year since the death of Steve Jobs.  It’s amazing how time flies.  How do you think Apple has been doing without him?

Is anyone having trouble with Wireless Internet since the upgrade to iOS 6? 

Apple just released OS 10.8.2.  Brings Facebook integration, updated iMessage, and more.

Apple has begun rolling out the update for iOS 6, so keep hitting that refresh button.  You can update by either plugging your device into iTunes on a Mac or PC, or by going to Settings>General>Software Update on your iOS device

Just checked the stats on the site, and this is the first time we have gotten over 1000 views in a single day!

iTunes 10.7 should be out soon, with iTunes 11 coming out in October.

The new iPhone is called the iPhone 5.  It has a 4 inch Retina display, and 8mp Panoramic camera, a 720p HD Facetime camera, and 3 microphones (top, bottom, and back) for better noise cancellation and recording.

It is the iPhone 5.  The name is official (and not what I was expecting).

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I'll be attempting to live-tweet the Apple event as it happens, hopefully we won't get locked out again part of the way through it.
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