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I always appreciate that when Ron talks on something, he goes deep. 
The industry-history story of U.S. comics is about DC. There’s no history of Marvel, Dell, Fawcett, Archie, and Gold Key, or their related media without DC in place for the bigger context.


where are all the Black women RPG creators? I can name one off the top of my head but then I gas out. Dear Internet, if you are aware of any, shoot them my way. I want to know their work

that is all...

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if you're in Vegas and want to play games, you're in luck. MeepleCon 2017 is a great con and I would love to see you there
Hi Everyone! People are starting to reserve their seats for the RPG events at #MeepleCon . Please spread the word so that everyone has a chance to learn a new RPG and meet some cool people.
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R.I.P. Al Jarreau
Thank you for all the love and the beauty you've given the world.

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#MeepleCon 2017 is coming up here in sunny Las Vegas at the Eastside Cannery!
I’ll be there running Star Wars using the MYTHIC D6 system. if you’re in the area or plan to be in the area and want to play the my new MYTHIC D6 system stop by.

Saturday, March 18
1 PM - 3 PM: D&D 5E, Scott Anderson
3 PM - 5 PM: Victoriana RPG, Avram Suson
5 PM - 6 PM: Meal Break
6 PM - 8 PM: Honor + Intrigue, Jarvis Mishler

Sunday, March 19
1 PM - 3 PM: Ryuutama, Perry Snow
5 PM - 6 PM: Meal Break
6 PM - 8 PM: Call of Cthulhu, Devon Kelley


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I made my plans to be there.
Last year was fun and now Im a fan. good location, good food and a lot of good people.

It's time for the New Mexicon 2017 Kickstarter, featuring:

- a new $20 bundle filled with awesome indie games like curse the darkness, Bulldogs!, and Houses of the Blooded.
- our unique hotel situation that allows us to provide a private room for every. single. game.
- our $3,000 stretch goal that brings +Matthew McFarland and +Michelle Lyons-McFarland out as special guests
- our world-famous New Mexican food!

Check it out:

Since Magpie is holding a retreat the weekend after and JWP is holding a retreat the weekend before... I've also heard rumors that there might be a whole bunch of indie designers at the convention like +Thomas Deeny, +James Mendez Hodes, +Shoshana Kessock, +Brendan Conway, and +Sarah Richardson. RUMORS, PEOPLE.

Oh, yeah. And I think +MadJay Brown, +Paul Beakley, and +Jason Corley are coming. My favorite oldfurs. ALL IN ONE PLACE. 

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I back stuff on kickstarter occasionally. Not always because I want the item but mostly because I think it’s a neat idea and it should exist in the world. I got this HUGE Pride book in the mail Friday and I’ve been reading it and loving it.

Who should own and read this book
-People that Love comics.
-People that love comics with a bit of social commentary.
-People that love well written comics with social commentary.
-People that love well written comics with good art and social commentary.

I really enjoy this book and I’m a fan. You should be too. There is a lot of same old same old out there and a lot of comics that just rehash, regurgitate, and repackage the same old stories and I find it exciting and a great delight when a group of creators flip the script and do something else. This is a book we should all be reading.

Don’t think of this a just a “Gay” comic.
Think of it as a “Good Gay “comic and be thankful it exists.
Thank you for brightening my day

If your curious, find them on the net and check out their stuff.
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One of the best little cons in the west. Do yourself a favor and try to attend
Hey all! The 2017 New MexiCon Kickstarter is LIVE! We hope this year you will be able to join us for New Mexico's only small press indie game convention! Hope to see you! Let's play some games! Details are all on the kickstarter page here:

Or check us out at
Or our google+ community:

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If you’re into unique and forward thinking roleplaying games, do yourself a favor and take a look at Elizabeth Chaipraditkul’s kickstarter THE MONSTER.

The industry needs more games NOT like the ones I make and this is one to take a look at. Its funded and moving on to stretch goals so it’s a perfect time to support or at the very least BOOST the projects.

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Our #make100 +Kickstarter project launches tomorrow! +Gennifer Bone as illustrator, +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) on maps, and me as author - it's gonna be awesome! Any shares tomorrow and good vibes would be much appreciated <3. 
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