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Are you 'unfortunate'?

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Examination vs Real Competence
It is my belief that some people do not perform excellently in school (university or other educational institution) because examinations, which are the criteria for evaluation in school, do not motivate them for performance. Exams do not really task their c...

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What to you is a good life?

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Why would I save to buy a typewriter to use to produce
documents? Why would I study Secretarial Studies at an age when everyone can
now easily produce documents they need? Why would I make huge investments to set
up keyboard and mouse production line? Why w...

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Foundations of Effectiveness
Effectiveness is not efficiency.
Most times, effectiveness has within it efficiency but they are different. It
has been said that efficiency is doing things right while effectiveness is
doing the right thing. Effectiveness is focused on accomplishing the ob...
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