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John Sherman
One Cause. One Cure. Just One Look. It's that simple.
One Cause. One Cure. Just One Look. It's that simple.

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We have a new homepage on the Just One Look website:

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2013 Just One Look T-Shirt Fundraising Campaign

The act of looking at yourself transforms your relationship with life from one of alienation and fear to the full immersion in natural life.
Help us bring our message of sanity and peace to the world by purchasing your Just One Look t-shirt(s) by October 14.

All profits from the sale of the t-shirts will go to support the Just One Look project.
The t-shirts are screen printed on Hanes Tagless Tees. On the front is a line drawing of the owl's eyes with "One cause." above, and "One cure." beneath. The back features the full JustOneLook owl logo with the url "" beneath. Simple and good looking.

Click here to order your t-shirt:

More information:

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The fear of life itself is the cause of all human aggression and self-destructive behavior. It poisons our relationships with one another, and with the earth itself. The act that we call looking at yourself washes away the fear of life and heals the mind of anyone who will try it:

1. Close your eyes. Notice the symphony of sensations and thoughts about sensations rising and falling within you.

2. Notice that you can move your attention to one or another sensation or thought at will.

3. Now use that same beam of attention to look for the feel of what you would call 'me' - a faint sensation that is what you feel like to yourself.

That's it, you've done all that needs to be done to bring you home to the beauty and satisfaction that are to be found in a human life lived without fear. The first subtle effects of what you have just done will soon begin to appear. Pay attention. You will find good help in the forums at:

Please click on the link in the box below to read our petition at Avaaz and sign it. Don't forget to pass it on!

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Is the Looking Spiritual?

Lately, as interest in this work grows, we have seen an upsurge in confusion about the relationship between what we are doing here and the ancient wisdom teachings.
Some seem to think that the looking is a version of the Upanishadic teachings from India, perhaps a form of self-inquiry.
Some see it as a watered-down version of other more developed and substantial practices; too simple to be of any use to serious seekers after truth.
Many see it as being just like somebody or other in the current crop of active or recently dead modern spiritual teachers.
Quite likely, some even see it as a con game, but that would be a hard case to make in the face of the fact that we charge nothing and require nothing for access to everything we know about the looking at all times.
In any event, it is past time to try and settle this matter once and for all. We have much to do and little free time to spend on issues like this which have nothing to do with our work.
Please believe that this is not an attempt to repudiate any spiritual practice. I seek only to put an end to the idea that the looking is one.

Truth is that if the looking is a spiritual teaching, it is a teaching the like of which I have never seen before.
It promises no liberation from the wild storm of life, no safe-haven of emptiness and bliss. It has nothing to say about true self or false self or about any self at all. It has no anointed teachers; it has no doctrine, and in my own experience, it has done nothing for me at all other than to disintegrate the false distrust of my own life, and bring me safely home to that life at last.
And if it does almost nothing directly, it requires even less.
It requires no new understanding of, or belief in, anything, including belief in the act itself. Nor does it require the abandonment of any understanding or belief.
It requires no payment of money, and no allegiance to any person or institution.
It requires nothing at all other than one simple movement of conscious attention trying to get one simple taste of the pure sensation known to you as ‘me’ — the taste of pure person at the heart of the mind.
It requires nothing of you but to do it once. It encourages self-reliance. It contends against nothing, it blames no one, it judges nothing, and it proposes neither the abolishment nor the creation and support of any particular organized human activity.
The way in which the outcome of the looking plays out is entirely idiosyncratic, although it almost always includes some confusion as the results of the looking begin to play out in the mind.

Click on the link in the box below to continue reading...

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Understanding the Fear of Life
John Sherman

Today, I’d like to say a little about the fear of life, which is the first cause of all our psychological troubles. 

But first, I want to say something about the value and importance of seeing and understanding that the fear of life is the first cause of all our psychological troubles. The fear of life is a silent and false assumption that life is untrustworthy and dangerous that runs in the background of all experience.

Now, strictly speaking, there is no requirement that you understand the cause of your psychological misery before you can be rid of it and, conversely, mere understanding of the cause will not free you of it. The act of looking at yourself   will eradicate the fear, and requires no understanding, belief or preconditions of any kind. Seeing clearly the actual cause of your psychological suffering reveals that nothing you do based on the assumption that psychology is the problem has ever given you any permanent relief from its miserable nature.

In the recent upsurge of interest in our work, as new voices from different points of view join and enrich the conversation, we are seeing more clearly than ever how an understanding of the actual cause of our mental misery, although not required, vastly simplifies and mitigates the tumultuous experience of regeneration that often follows that first look.

Although our understanding of how the psychology works in service to the fear of life has become much clearer in recent times, that insight is not new. Many others over the ages have come to understand the nature of the mind and the psychological mechanisms that comprise the mind with great clarity and in detail. But to our knowledge, none have found any fundamental and permanent fix for its madness.

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We started a new AVAAZ petition to get as many people as possible to try the act of looking at yourself. Please help us by signing the petition and forwarding it to as many people as possible. Together, we can do it.

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