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Vernessa Taylor
Technology Consultant and Small Business Advisor . Editing the CoachNotes Blog.
Technology Consultant and Small Business Advisor . Editing the CoachNotes Blog.

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Online invoicing anyone? Boring Billing Just Got Better!

New on +Social Media Today 's Smart Data Collective

The bottom-line similarities between moving IT operations to the cloud and shifting online invoicing to the cloud are many. Then there are a few esoteric issues that online invoicing solutions help solve, like curing boredom, relieving stress, and reducing errors.

Contenders in the space include +Murray Newlands +Sage One +Invoicera +FreshBooks +Apptivo +FreeAgent +Zoho and others.

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Google Circle Sharing Feature Given The AX!
Used it sparingly but have had some excellent circles shared with me. (Thanks +David Leonhardt and +Michael Q Todd ) That was the correct way to use it; too bad the feature was (reportedly) abused.

Oh well ... Google sunsets more than it sunrises. What's next?

Appreciate the #headsup  from +Eren Mckay and +Lee Jarratt. #googleplus  

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"You have to keep track of the results of your email, search, and social media marketing campaigns for each of your websites. Then you have to keep track of your earnings . . ."

Find out how to measure the success of your niche websites in this article by +Kristi Hines featured on Stewart Walker's Niche Hacks.

#analytics   #dashboards   #bigdata   #Cyfe

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Writing for +Forbes security specialist +Joseph Steinberg covers a couple of points we don't usually see given enough attention when it comes to securing information, especially mitigating the risks of "human issues," and reducing egress points inherent in mobile device use with byod.

Smaller organizations aren't taking this serious enough yet.

#infosec #cybersecurity #CISSP #InformationSecurity  

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Have you ever heard truer words:

"Cost is an illusion. Everything costs too much if it has too little value, and everything is a bargain if it is highly valuable."

A Dozen Effective Ways to Overcome Client Cost Objections by +David Leonhardt on +B2C

Where's your tip jar? :)

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Left this comment over on David's original share ....

Being relegated to the dog house just got one-upped! LOL

I always liked the ring of "what's in your wallet" ... Now we get to say, "where have you been lately?" to the same tune!

Thanks for the chuckle, David! +David Leonhardt
BREAKING!  Cure for writer's block discovered in a toilet.

Scientists at Outhouse Labs have discovered that the cure for writer's block might not require any new devices or medical procedures, after all.  Early results indicate that combining a standard "throne" with a carefully selected assortment of glossy magazines can result in a reduced incidence of writer's block of up to 87.3%.

Story courtesy of

#writers #writing #writingtips #writersblock #authors #blogging #bloggingtips #bloggers

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7 Countries: Writer, Blogger & Rock Climber -- +Tristan Higbee -- Shares Travels to Southeast Asia and Nepal in Vibrant Photologue

#travelphotography #southeastasia

(shared via +Snapzu )

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"How I was hacked . . . and recovered my hacked Skype account from that nasty person posing as me."

"Skype Julie" +Julie Wolf  walked "Video Julie" +Julie Weishaar   through the tedious process of wrestling her valuable Skype account out of the clutches of a BitCoin thief.

Now that's a success story!

This webinar gives you the same hands-on, leg-up that Julie gave Julie. You don't want to miss this because IF or WHEN you need it, you'll know what to do.

#SkypeTip  +Skype  #Marketing  
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