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Lindsey Graham
Vegetarian, Mama to W, Wife, Runner
Vegetarian, Mama to W, Wife, Runner


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The Holidays are coming
It has been
a long time since I posted a fitness related update, but I wanted to share a
little about what has changed for me over the past year or so.   Last January, I did my first fundamentals
series in crossfit and was instantly hooked.   Rehabbing my h...

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Winter Run Gear!
This month I had the chance to partner again with  Altitude Sports  to review some new active wear.    I received the Craft Storm Tights 2.0 .     You can view the full collection  here . My first test for the pants was an hour long run in -9 (celcius).    ...

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New Review! Smartwool from Altitude Sports
This spring I had the chance to partner with Altitude Sports to review some great seasonal active wear.   I chose a Smartwool
Product , in particular the Smartwool
Propulsion 60 Jacket .   This is
actually my first Smartwool item (apart from socks) so I was...

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New Year Wishes
It is January 5th. I have had five days to reflect on some of the things I hope to achieve in 2017. I love this time of year. It has that September back to school feel.  We gain minutes minutes of sunlight each and every day as we head down winter's bell cu...

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Fall Happenings
I can not believe that in a few short weeks my little boy will be three years old! Things have been busy around here as we prepare for his party and a visit from Grandma (my mom). She will be flying out on November 3rd and I can't wait. I haven't seen her s...

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Let it go
So far 2016 has had its shares of ups and downs for our
little family. I have talked about injuries and minor medical issues, and less
so about changes at work and refocusing my career.   It can be challenging for people who like to
plan and take charge to ...

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Trials and Tribulations of Potty Training
I haven't been doing a lot of running these past months. Partly due to injury, but more so due to all of my attention being diverted to W's potty issues. I mentioned previously that we have had a couple of Dr's appointment due to withholding and functional ...

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Stress Relievers
I am currently battling a summer cold and actually stayed home from work yesterday to try and get some rest.  For the past two years, whenever I get a cold it almost always morphs into bronchitis or a more serious chest infection. I think that had something...

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Supplements Part 2
I have posted before on supplements I find helpful in supporting joint health and recovery.  It is no secret that I am sometimes hampered by injuries and have found recovery time has lengthened with age.  In addition to focusing on proper nutrition, supplem...

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Love With Food
Hi folks, I am sharing a post with you today about a snack delivery service that is now offering shipping to Canada. I know what you are thinking, I can get snacks here? Yes, I totally understand.  But, if you are looking to try new foods or something to ki...
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