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Book Review: Better Than Before
I read the book, Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin for Blogging For Books  . It's basic premise and question is, "how we change" and I believe her conclusion is that we change by developing and keeping good habits. She has a lot of practical advice paire...

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52 Books In 52 Weeks
Hello! Spring is upon us and with it San Diego is experiencing a super bloom. I have never seen this place so green and lush with wild flowers sprawling all over. I thought it is time to do a little update on my progress on one of goals Scott and I created ...

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5 Ways to Recognize an Unhealthy Relationship
For just a minute imagine all your friends. Imagine the
people you spend the most time with, the ones you call when you need to vent
and who you text when   you’re upset.
Visualize your circle, your community and to those you feel you most belong.
Close you...

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How to Rewire your Brain after a Break-Up (so you can survive Valentine's Day)
I remember one February I went through a  particularly  hellish
break-up , which  according to research,  is really
frighteningly common .  Sure break-ups are normal, most people have a
few of them in their lifetime, but the scary part is the staggeringly h...

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My Christmas Letter
Dearest family and friends,  I love Christmas. Anticipating Advent. Twinkly lights. The
smell of pine. Crinkly wrapping paper. Red and white twine. Moss and thyme.   Nativity Scenes. Chilly weather. Christmas has
always felt like some kind of safe, warm and...

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Five Ways Your Pup Can Help Reduce Anxiety
We all know by now how much I simply adore our little pup, Leonard. On November 1st, he will be one years old. Besides taking him to his first annual physical at the vet today and gathering little prizes and gifts for him, I've been thinking about all the w...

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The Exam.
My heart is racing. The air I inhale feels thin. I am ramping up. Almost ready for take off. The adrenalin rush and heart pounding reminds me of the night before track meets when I was high-school. I would always visualize my race as I would fall asleep (or...

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Last Day Of Blog-Tember | My Advice.
It's our last day of Bailey's Blog-Tember Challenge ! Congrats to all of us! I'm sad it's ending. I look forward every September to this writing challenge. I meet so many wonderful fellow bloggers who are so encouraging and inspiring. But this prompt is esp...

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Blog-Tember day 29 | Top Five Blogs
Better late than never right?! I'm just minutes before midnight but I'm going to make it! I can't wait for my licensure exam to be over so I can go back and read all of the last couple prompts from all my blogging friends out there!  Today's Prompt: Your Fa...

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Blog-Tember Day 27 | Laughing and Crying
I am becoming painfully slow at getting my prompts out in a timely manner as my state exam looms closer and closer. Only 6 days left! Today was my final mock exam and for the rest of the week I'll be reviewing and studying all the material. I can't wait for...
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