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Tip: How to read a post you see later on...

Not sure why I couldn't comment on +Jordan Cournoyea 's post but wanted to give a tip on reading things that interest you later when you have time!

Create a circle and add only yourself to that circle.  I have a circle called "Look at Later".  When you see a post you want to view later, share it with that circle  This way you can choose that circle and view the posts/links you want to view later.

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Have a great Friday!!

**-Feature Request
Buy +Springpad and fully integrate it with +Google+ !  I think that would be a sweet combo.  Sharing notes with your Circles, adding events, Notes showing up in your timeline.

(Or create your own version)


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HA! And to all you cat owners who buy catnip for your cats... Consider yourself an Enabler!
Take an in-depth look at the sordid lives of hedonistic felines in “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?” a short film debuting this weekend at Sundance along with 11 other selections you can watch in The Screening Room:

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Keep on running!

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Still looking for a tree?

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True... So True...

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Just -> Crazy!

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What's more amazing is how the cheetahs head does not move from it's position the entire stride.  

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Get Excited People!
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