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Cindy Brown
I write funny. Not strange funny, but ha ha funny. Well, maybe strange funny sometimes, too, but only in a good way.
I write funny. Not strange funny, but ha ha funny. Well, maybe strange funny sometimes, too, but only in a good way.

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Them Grammar Statistics Ain't Right, Is They?
Hello, peeps. I am very busy trying to move out of state (from IL to FL), so I'm dealing with buying and selling, the realtor, the banker, the inspectors, inspectors, inspectors, and all of the fun things involved with moving. Thus, my dear blog has been so...

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I hate it when someone requests that I fax something. I found this fax program and sent one straight from my computer. Pretty easy. Just attach a file and low prices. First 3 pages are free.

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Penis Interruptus
Hey, guess what? I'm not dead! And furthermore, I'm doing another penis post! That's right, as if one  penis post  on Everyday Underwear wasn't enough... I've had another accidental penis-ing. Yes, I believe it's high time I address the longfellow again sin...

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Stepping Into the Lymelight... Again
You may have noticed a decrease in the amount of posts I've been churning out lately. I know, it's paltry, to say the least. Let me update you on what I am up against. In October 11, 2014, not even a prime-time-for-ticks month, I found a tick attached. This...

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If You Love Christmas, Don't Read This Post
Christmas is all about sugary goodies, holiday spirit, giving, family and love. Oh, and of course, Christ. You go to that special church service and watch small children enact and recite things badly and butcher Christmas songs. And you still go, awwwww , b...

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Four local lives lost - please help!
I'm afraid to say that today isn't a good news Cindy's being funny again kind of day. I do have many serious subjects to talk about for a while, and this one is worthy of blog space and sharing, for sure. Thursday night, my daughter was in the local Hallowe...

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Finally! The truth. I was hoping for a post like this.

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The Wrong Direction - Guest Post by Cara Lopez Lee
Hello, readers! Cindy Brown here. After repeated inquiries from Everyday Underwear followers (and even strangers), I'm very excited to announce that I will begin taking submissions for guest posts and will begin peppering them into the mix here on Everyday ...

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So true.... er.
#Motivation to just be YOU! Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Show the world how amazing you really are. You've got this!

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I've gotta switch to WordPress one of these days. They get all of the goods.
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