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As I have mention to a few, I will start a series of post dedicated to the ingress investigation. On those post I will resume, said investigation so everyone can get up to date as the data is pretty much diseminated around everywhere and it can be challenging to obtain at the begining.

The main point I will cover on this posts are:
The Niantic project, what it was and who worked there

The XM and the coded signal

Scanner and factions

Epiphany night

Jarvis and Devra scape

The end of the niantic project and the rise of the corporations

The independent investigators

The magic castle

The glyphs and carrie campbell

The Cross Plains anomaly

Time zero

Cassandra and the self destruct sequence

Klue/ADA: The glyphs sequence


Klada appearance
Hank simulacrum state
Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs
ADA's plans for humanity
Hank death
The dragon
Devra vaccine and inoculation program
Hank's Breadcrumbs
The artefacts and the beacon
The n'zeer
Hank Journey
Klue/Ada separation 
The Darsana point
The n'zeer invocation ceremony
The shading of Devra

#niacticproject #essexinvestigation #ingress  

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Life Lessons From An Idiot
Lesson #3 - Don’t Be A Dick

I recently read Morgan Jaffit’s article on Medium titled, “The topic every game dev is talking about behind closed doors: The cost of doing business” ( To sum up the article in one powerful and sadly true quote, “Abuse is the cost of doing business”. It got me thinking about the actor Wil Wheaton’s speech in 2007 at PAX. He laid out several things, but the most famous line from his talk is, “Don’t be a dick.”

I won’t lie, it can be hard to be a positive person. It is even more difficult to do so when negativity seems to be the prevailing sentiment on the Internet and you are exposed to it daily. As a person who has had pictures of my children posted online associated with content intended to harass me, received death threats and threats of physical violence, and is exposed to negativity on a daily basis, the hardest thing to do is to not allow the violator’s of Wheaton’s Law to bother me.

I get it though. I understand how extremely cathartic it can be to give in to impulses. It’s easy to go through life with blinders on and see the world via our own filtered first person view. Most aren’t born with the ability to view things through the eyes of others or put ourselves in another’s shoes. That is often a skill that has to be learned and not everyone is equipped with the tools required to do so even if they wanted. But that’s not an excuse to act like a dick or criticize what you don’t understand.

Truth be told, in some regard, we are all enablers of these people. Most of us have read posts and don’t speak up to condemn those who habitually harass, bully, or act in a toxic way. To make matters worse, individuals, companies, and groups are often afraid to moderate content online. This can have real world consequences. It’s a free world after all right? No. No it is not. Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the use of Google+, Facebook or other private social media services.

Everyone has a choice with how they communicate. When you break Wheaton’s Law you do so out of your own free will. To quote my friend
+Az, “You chose your words. You weren’t obligated to use the ones you chose. You hand picked each one to work exactly the way that you wanted to a precise goal. You are rhetorical terrorists and I cannot take what you say seriously.”

So what can you do? We need to stop accepting negativity like it is a normal thing. By treating this behavior as normal, we are enabling negativity and empowering those who are being negative. Be an agent of change. Stop following these people online. They often hold their subscriber number in reverence. Often those seeking the spotlight are easily defeated by simply not giving them the attention they want. Stop engaging them too. For me personally, if you find yourself blocked or being ignored - you know why and you only have yourself to blame. You are rhetorical terrorists and I cannot take what you say seriously anymore.

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+Ingress +Niantic +Andrew Krug +Gabriel Stricker

tl;dr The communication surrounding your premier events is secondhand, inconsistent, and--frankly--terrible. It shows that you don't #RespectThePlayers of Ingress the way that you should, and you need to improve your player communication now.

Long version:
The following sequence represents the best information you've given your players about the next set of Anomaly Events over the past 4 months. Please keep in mind, these events are attended by your most ardent players, involve a LOT of volunteer planning, and thousands of agents spend lots of money to attend.

Sept 4
Global Community Manager AMA
W9Q19: Will there be a Q1 2018 Anomaly Series?
W9A19: I haven't heard that there won't be Anomalies in Q1 2018.

Sept 26
Global Community Manager AMA
W12Q7: Tim Fitzpatrick (Photofitz) - Will there be anomalies in Q1 and Q2 of 2018?
W12A7: I hope so!

Nov 13
Global Community Manager AMA
W18Q59: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Is there an anomaly series planned for Q1 2018?
W18A59: Yes.

Dec 19
Global Community Manager AMA
W22Q12: Posh Chang - When will be announced Q1 XM Anomaly?
W22A12: We are working on a few things internally and are not ready to comment on any Q1 events. Hopefully this will be resolved this week or next.

W22Q160: Rafał “Sato88” Sabat - Some time ago You said we will have anomalies in Q1 2018, when do You plan to announce them?
W22A160: Ideally this week or next so people have time to plan.

Jan 8
Global Community Manager AMA
W23Q2: James Green (jkg5150) - Any news on those Q1 anomalies?
A2: Nothing at this time.

Jan 21
Brisbane NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
36. Anomalies?
I think people will be really happy really soon, we recognise that you need long lead times, if what happens occurs, I’m excited for it, because you’re going to have a roadmap and you’ll know what’s going to happen.m Some people say that if we announce things too far in advance… you have to keep the energy up, etc.

Jan 27
Melbourne NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
6. If this was April 1st and there hadn't been another anomaly, would you be surprised?
Define anomaly... I would be surprised if there wasn't any sort of event. I can't tell you whether it's a traditional anomaly, or some other event.

7. Something other than mission days?
You'll know in the next couple weeks

Over the course of 4 months, we are told that 'there's no reason to believe there won't be Anomaly events', then flatly told "yes" there will be, then given a timeline for when those events will be announced, which subsequently flies by, followed by another promise of "soon".

Either you're unable to plan a few months in advance yourselves, or you're providing bad/unreliable information to your Global Community Manager. Neither option reflects well upon you.

As a player, as a planner, as an Ingress fan--this is beyond frustrating.

We, as players of both factions from all around the world, ask that you provide regular, clear communication from official sources regarding the cadence and timing of Anomalies, and then stick to it or clearly explain why things have changed.

You're not a startup on a shoestring budget anymore. All we want is for you to #RespectThePlayers by communicating clearly.

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I'm looking for the pins and patches on the pictures:

If you have a spare of any of this items, let me know, preferentially on telegram @Laria. If you don't but you want to trace, I'm open to all pins and patches, So let me know what you have and i'm pretty sure we will find something to trade.

This is what i have to trade myself:

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3rd instance of my questions series, I want to focus this time on ADA’s time on Niantic and the backdoor here:

On this leak, we learn that ADA has an scheduled data deletion, that would turn her offline for some time:
So let's start digging up:

- Why did she have a scheduled data deletion about some of her data, when things started to go wrong?
- Did we ever got confirmation this was her rogue nature trying to cover stuff up?
- Since we know now of the back door, could someone been triggering this schedule deletes via the backdoor?
- If so, how many people knew about this back door?
- And of those people anyone that could get it open at will?
- Did anyone, apart from ADA, has something to win if that data was deleted?
- And since the data were activation codes for ingress, could this be related to the person who, actually leaked the scanner on the first place?

ADA mentioned several times, she was worried about PA and even hurried up his work to get him out of Niantic, apparently she was afraid of something.
- Did we ever got confirmation on what was she scared off?

When ADA gained the ability to rewrite part of the human mind, she used this ability to change the way 855 perceive the world, giving him, total memory, which in turn, make him more difficult to kill, until Bowles aided him to deal with this new ability:
- Why did she just give him total memory?
- Was this an experiment, to try to upgrade a human?
- An attempt to control him?
- Why just let him go afterwards?

Any other question you can thing, possible answer or theory, leave a comment.

Part 1, Calvin:

Part 2, Bowles:

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More question, this time focused on Bowles

This leak if for the very early days, when Bowles was creating ADA:

- First, check the address: Hyperbowles as a work address...
- Notice also, the only person who have some degree of oversay are Calvin and Owen (both death now)
- I understand that micro/bad management is a pain on the ass, but, completely unsupervised? Why?
- Why did he wanted to hire PA?
- Did he know, about the incident several years before with him, those hours where he wrote so much code, he could never remember?
- Since we know now, that +Verity Seke was inside ADA all this time. Was she added by Bowles? How many people knew about this?
- Did he added ADA’s backdoor? What this on the official requirement?
- While Bowles was with 855, he claimed ADA was difficult to find, but PA could access this backdoor to contact ADA without knowing where she was, so why could Bowles not do the same? Was he lying to 855 when he said that?

This other post is about Calvin related question:

+flint dille +H. Richard Loeb

My take on the murders mystery is to behave like Colombo and start asking question to see if the narrative stays coherent.

I have a list of question, that i have been collection since them, but posting them all together will not be good for focus, so I will post them on batches.

1 Calvin and the archives:
If we assume, as we have been doing until now, that Calvin was the mastermind, hence he plan all the logistics to first create the abbdon room and to move everyone, including himself there for the recursion to happen, this must be done before the recursion itself, so the memories of it should be intact.
With this on mind:
- Why did he spend so much time on the NIA archives, after his recursion?
- What was he looking for?
- And did he find it, before he was killed?

Taking into account:

- Do you think it's a coincidence that someone brought to light/ tried to incriminate +Devra Bogdanovich, after she gained access to the same archives?
- Do you think that she could have manoeuvred the situation to get +Hank Johnson into power to gain access to said archives? (I don't)
- Do you think she could be on danger, now that she has gained access to them?

+JoJo Stratton +flint dille +H. Richard Loeb

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So, has Niantic decided to abolish mission banners?
I can't see how this new rule can confirm with any mission banner. Just in case that recent screw up on anomalies were not enough...
​The FAQ for Mission Creators has a new addition. Now Missions can be rejected if your mission image, description and/or title are unrelated to the Waypoints chosen.

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Hello All
I'm searching for the following pins, if you have a spare and want to trade. Please hit me on TG: Laria

This is what I have to trade in exchange:


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Hello! I'm hoping the #Ingress communities can help me out. Tonight, at the Bratislava #NL1331E meet up, I foolishly lost track of my precious flag. When the event ended, I was so tired, it didn't even register. When I noticed that I didn't have it, it was already after the event, and someone might have collected it for me but not know how to reach me. I'm praying for its safe return as that flag is very precious to me, and would be extremely difficult to replace, if at all.

So if anyone knows how I might be able to get my flag back, please, please contact me on hangouts or on Telegram (username of TG is @Catw0man1).

If anyone knows who might have grabbed it for me, or if anyone sees my poor, homesick flag somewhere 😟, please let me know so that I can arrange its return home. The flag is desperately missed. 😢

It can be returned anonymously to:

Gabriela Mackova, Hrobakova 1, 85102 Bratislava

Thank you.


P.S. Here are some pictures of my dear flag.
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