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Writer, blogger, dreamer
Writer, blogger, dreamer

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Back at it!
First and foremost, I am not dead. Whoo-hoo! I know I haven't posted in like two months, and I am so sorry. After binge-writing my book in March, I went on to start editing and quickly lost all motivation. The mere thought of writing just made me tired, and...

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Why You Shouldn't "Just Keep Pushing Yourself"
April was a super busy month for me, which is why I only posted once during the whole month. I went from being super motivated in March to completely burned out! It was incredibly frustrating. I wanted to write (both posts as well as my book) but when I wou...

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The Three-Step Editing Method
Now that my new first draft of my book is done, it's time to jump right in to one of the most important parts of the writing process: editing! This past week, I've been reading through at least three chapters a day and taking notes on what I liked or didn't...

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My First Writing Conference Experience
*So, I totally meant for this post to go up on Tuesday. I wrote it on Monday, but (obviously) completely forgot to schedule it to post! My bad. Better late than never, right?* Hey guys! At the end of last week's post I mentioned that I was going to the 20...

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YOU GUYS. I DID IT. DRAFT ONE OF UNPERFECTED  IS DONE! I finished at 313 pages, 42 chapters, and 76,195 words. I am so, so excited! This was such a difficult draft to get through simply because I had to take something that was supposed to be finished and co...

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I'm Binge-Writing My Book in 8 Days
The other day, I was looking over my outline for my WIP, Unperfected , to determine how many chapters I had left. My goal chapter-count wise was 40 chapters, but currently I have the book plotted through 42. That's not too bad, and I can always go back and ...

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Couple Character Questionnaire: Avalon and Tripp
Hey guys! Sorry for no posts last week. I think it's official that I'm going to be updating this blog when I can instead of trying to force myself to abide by a schedule that I keep failing to meet. No worries, though--that does not mean I'll be posting onc...

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Developing Your Characters Together
Hey guys! Last week I did a post all about love languages and why they are important/how they can help you get to know your characters better. Little did I know, my own advice has helped me discover the reason why I've been so frustrated with my two main ch...

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Learning Your Character's Love Language
Happy Valentine's Day! As always, I have to do some kind of love-themed post. So today, we're talking about love languages!  What's a love language? There are five love languages, all discussed in the book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. While I ...

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Writing to Music: Lyrics or No Lyrics?
Hey guys! Sorry for the late post today. But at least I got it up, right? Lately I've been loving  my writing playlists. Writing to music is something that helps me focus and even inspires me. Sometimes a lyric will trigger a conversation between two of my ...
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