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Struggling with the Monday morning blues? Here's how changing your mindset can be the best thing you do for your business...and yourself!

Where do you get #inspiration from?

Over the course of running my #GratefulinApril campaign, I’ve been inspired (and humbled) daily by the thoughts, expressions and #honesty of the people taking part.

People are unbelievably #grateful for everyday things that most of us take for granted.

How often are you #thankful for the legs and feet that carry you around? For being able to access clean drinking water and fresh food? Being able to operate your #business in a country that enforces transparency? For your own health and #wellbeing – and that of your family and friends?

Being born minus a few body parts hasn’t done anything to stop Don Elgin in his tracks. Quite the opposite. The guy is a #Paralympian medallist (representing Australia at three Paralympics), a business owner and a #motivational speaker who has inspired many – me included. Take a listen to what Don Elgin is grateful for.

Another woman has moved me with her extremely #positive tweets throughout the campaign – today one revealed she is battling to overcome cancer. She’s not the only one who is on a rampage of expressing #gratitude while working to stay well.

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