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I want one too!

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So, that's how you do it..
Jurgens XT120 - Packing up.

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there we are, updated Profile pic...

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am so excited, getting this nice 'n shiny new HTML5 web page framework for my web page..

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Saffers , flipping well read this!

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very funny! hehe.
Did anyone's mother actually do this to you when you were younger??

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loved this series of images. I wish we could come up with some creative ways to keep South Africa Clean. (of trash, crime and bad education)

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+Peter du Toit have a look at this post. I wonder if my comment about books/education/technology in Africa rings true to you too? Anyone else in (South) Africa have some input? Join the conversation - Much appreciated.
Why iBooks Author will change... everything.

17 years ago, I had the opportunity to bid on producing a manual for a company making tools for the visual effects industry. I didn't want it to be text... I wanted it to be interactive. I wanted you to be able to find what you needed quickly and see movies where they made sense and text where it made sense. I didn't want a CD in the back of the book... and I definitely didn't want to write a book. So how would I build it? With Macromedia's Director and a small army of skilled artists. As you may guess... it didn't happen. But the process of planning it changed the way I looked at books forever. I viewed what we bought in the bookstore as the past... inefficient and largely ineffective... and waiting for a revolution.

In 2000, I founded dvGarage and began to build titles that included video and text. It was... painful. It took an enormous amount of work to produce the most basic training... and much of this work was just compiling the content. And then... you had to commit it disk... meaning mistakes were nearly impossible to update for everyone.

So, we stopped making training products and moved on to other things... waiting for better tools. The iPad came out and you could see what was possible with "Elements"... video, interactivity... and programmers... sigh... why couldn't it be as easy as Pages... given APPLE MADE PAGES.

I've had a few offers to write books over the years but I just couldn't get over my frustration that it would be impossible to build a mass-distribution product that mixed medias together. For me, it wasn't worth the work.

So, finally... iBooks Author has been released and I admit, I'm very excited about it. Not just for what Apple showed on Thursday but where I think it will go and the market opportunities it creates. I'll argue that it could represent a digital gold rush of epic proportions.

Here is where I think it will be used...

Textbooks - What we saw on Thursday is just the crude beginning. This is a big step towards finally making school interesting and leveraging 21st technologies in the classroom. It's not the end state but it rushes us towards the beginning of what is needed in our schools.

Cookbooks - Finally, we'll actually be able to follow the instructions.

Equipment/software Manuals - Good documentation is the cheapest way to increase the perceived value of a product. Expect iPad manuals to begin within a year... expect them to be standard in 5. Ford will probably have them for their cars by June :)

Furniture Assembly instructions - We'll be able to build those Ikea shelves correctly... the first time.

Employee Handbooks and Work Guides - Someone will actually read them and understand what to do next.

DK Books - Will never be the same.

Behind the Scenes Movie Books - How much would we pay for a book like that??

PR - Sending press a one-sheet is officially outdated yesterday.

Magazines - Anyone can make an interactive magazine without a large crew of techies.

For publishers specializing in printed media - Adjust or merge with someone, close shop... the good news - you have 5 years. Bad news - you probably won't use it.

For publishers who have been adding media for years - Good news... you're ready to move into the future. Act quickly...

For authors with media experience - 70% (from Apple) is better than 18% from publishers

For Adobe - You're going to need something cheaper and easier to use to remain relevant in this space.

For media professionals... this is the largest gold rush in the history of media. Whether is it's Apple's iBook Author or the explosion of tools behind it... the demand for media producers will never be in more demand.

Plus it if you agree - Comment if you don't :)
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