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Medical Negligence Claim
Australia's Best Medical Negligence Resource
Australia's Best Medical Negligence Resource

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Only "lip service" to patient safety. Horrible situation. Great pun!!
Did you know you may be able to claim #compensation for an injury following a beauty treatment?

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Medical malpractice caps are a disgrace!!
Another heartbreaking example of why we need to raise the medical malpractice caps and require more stringent controls over doctors. #medicalmalpractice  

Just saw a post bragging about settlement figures achieved for wrongful death. A new low for #legalmarketing and #personalinjury?

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Every time I hear somebody say technical SEO is dead I remind them that Moz's SEO Cheat Sheet grew 2x in size this year.

If simply making sure your site is crawled and indexed wasn't enough, today's technical SEO works with social meta data,, international targeting, mobile optimization, authorship, multiple sitemap syntaxes, evolving linking best practices, pagination, duplicate content and canonicalization issues, and now even the newer concept of entity associations.

Simply put, your Technical SEO deserves a raise.

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If most of your posts start with "have you been injured..." and end with your phone number - then shame on you!!!

I know we keep saying it, but...NEVER EVER GET MEDICAL TREATMENT IN INDIA!!!

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Unbelievable - bungling surgeon resigns before public disciplinary hearing could be held. Another kick in the guts to medical negligence victims!!!

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Fantastic opening line of the article....

"Question: Would you give up a fundamental civil right in order to protect negligent doctors and insurance companies? 

Seems like a simple question with a simple answer… No.But this question will garner much discussion today in the Missouri Senate’s Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee.
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