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Here is a suggestion: a points bidding system for library requests.

When you request a book or DVD currently, you are placed on a list for that book which is 'first come, first served'. You can request many books, and lists for popular books are long.

Would it not be better if each person had a number of 'points' which could be used to bid for a requested book? Say, 10 points. Then when you request a book that is important to you, you would use some of your points, say 8 points. When you are mildly interested in a book, you would use fewer or no points. Then the list of people waiting for a book would not be 'first come, first served'. Requests with more points would bubble up the list and get served sooner. When you return the book, the points would return to you so you could use them for new requests.

I am being vague about how the requests bubble up, and the system would need some adjustments to get it working well. Maybe negative points for books you have signed out, say -1 for 10 books?

What do you think?
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