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Released a 1.0 of Context Admin today (also promptly found a very minor bug, so expect a 1.1 soonish). To celebrate I put together what I expect to be the final "News Feature" video demo. Showing some awesome form re-organizing through panels, and leveraging it via context_admin. Hope you enjoy! #context_admin
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Hi - Thanks a lot for posting all of these references!  I was wondering though if you might have any suggestions for creating a node add link that inherits the taxonomy terms and organic group audience from the page?
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Normally I've tried to update the project home page and issue queues with relevant information. That has been really scattered feeling and difficult in general, so I'm going to try running things through a google page here and see where it goes.

I want to take some time to discuss context_admin 7.x-1.0. Thus far we are almost 2 weeks out from any new bug reports against 7.x and I hunted down every bug that was reported and a few that weren't and seem to have solved them to everyone's satisfaction (if not, please re/open a ticket and let me know ASAP because I could really roll 1.0 any day now).

The things that are holding me up at the moment are 2 fold.

1.) Documentation: There are some Advanced Help docs there already, and the code documentation is fairly okish (can you see how confident I am here?). I really wanted to have full docs in the 1.0 but... I don't suppose it's a requirement. Those of you using it, I would REALLY appreciate any feedback here.

2.) Tests: I've not written any simpletest tests yet, but I'm compelled by the idea of having tests in the system, especially with some of the planned rewrites for 2.x... I'm much less committed to this idea than I am to docs so... meh

Would really treasure thoughts and input here. Thanks in advanced.
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Glad they could be helpful. The videos are organized into "galleries" so if you visit the "photos" section, they should appear both by grouping and then once in a grouping, display in the order you should probably watch them.

I'm taking a practical approach here and showing CA's power by building up commonly needed features all through the UI. More videos, and galleries are on the way soon.
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Video: News Feature
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Absolutely true, if I theme doesn't provide support for core's tools, no module can help you. Double check your theme.
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A new news feature video demoing our new abilities to leverage the node_view panels component.

Did I mention today's the last day to vote for Drupalcon Sessions? Please vote for Context Admin TODAY!:
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Contextual Administration: News Feature Tutorial

In this series we will introduce you to the context_admin module through the creation of various pages culminating in a final complete feature designed to handing the basic news needs of most sites.
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Drupal based solution for customizable and exportable administration tools.
Contextual Administration is an administration tool based on CTools Page Manager module. It allows for the deployment of custom administrative pages through a typical database driven mechanism or can take advantage of the typical page_manager exports through custom modules + exports or features module.

My specific use case in creating context_admin to begin with was to give site administrators who don't have the programming know-how the ability to add traditionally developer style administration links to their site in an ad-hoc fashion.  The best example of this would be adding "create new node X" or "administer node X" links to views of "node X", however once the tool was created, it became obvious rather quickly that we could do much more.

By default Contextual Administration comes with the ability to add nodes of any type, edit/add/list taxonomy terms, edit vocabularies, and add users.  An additional module provides Views Bulk Operations specific plugins for node management.  The primary difference between these features and core's ability to do these things is that context_admin is creating new pages and controls access to these pages through page_manager's access plugins.  In this manner web administrators can give access to users to do particular tasks from particular pages w/o giving them the sitewide ability to perform the same functions.  A good example would be that the "administer taxonomy" permission wouldn't necessarily be required to utilize the various taxonomy capabilities that context_admin has by default, as this is all controlled by the page's page_manager access handler(s).  This ability can be coupled with custom code, or custom context_admin plugins to result in "sub users", "sub nodes" or any variety of other management tools.

This module depends on page_manager which is part of the ctools module.

Sponsorship, Programming & Testing Resources provided in part by The Worx Company and Commerce Guys.