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John Norris
Collaboration, Healthcare, Art.
Collaboration, Healthcare, Art.

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In the last week or so, I got friendly notes from someone who liked the ceramic handouts I did years ago for a classes I taught*, a request to use some pictures in a PhD dissertation of a build I did in Second Life to help people with support groups **, and a couple bucks in my site tip jar from a third.

Copy left sets you free for adventure.


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Oregon folks..anyone see the auroras tonight? There might be a chance. Thwere's a break in the clouds here...but nothing yet.

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Anyone have recommendations for comedians that work with historical themes?  I'm thinking similar to Eddie Izzard (NSFW: Eddie Izzard on europe and world war 2)

Hey, Google + 'ers. Running Hades Hill tomorrow at 5:30am w/ Chris and whomever shows up. NW Maxine and 9th.

Xtreme Jenga season is starting back up at the Stairs from Hell....

Reading "Persuasive Technology" by BJ Fogg. Good foundational material from back in the day. (2003!)

Anyone done homemade soda pop with local, native ingredients?  I'm in the pacific northwest and looking for ideas.  Pine needles, honey, berries...?

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Wait 'till 2016!

Spent some time blowing soap bubbles in the rain the other evening.

I thought they would pop right away, but many lasted for quite awhile. I was wondering if the drops were going through the bubbles, but the mult-colored hue on the surface didn't really change. Sometimes the path of the bubble's flight would dramatically change, probably due to a rain drop. Time well spent.

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Love Scratch too...
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