If you work with children of divorce, the following might encourage you. This is a response to a question in the survey I am conducting of children of divorce (http://divorceministry4kids.com/divorce/) which asked whether or not the respondent had someone to talk with who helped them through the divorce (other than a parent). One woman wrote, 

"No one ever sat me down and talked about divorce. My mom was married 5 times & I lived through 4 of those divorces. My grandmother was a huge inspiration to me until she passed away. I remember getting on the church van every week with her to attend church. Church was always a major impacted in my life!!! I had some awesome pastors/teachers that really reached out to me (back then we didn't have Children's Pastors)...The teachers that I had in church made a major impact on my life with Christ!!! "

We as children's ministry workers and those who support children of divorce can, and do, make a lasting impact on their lives! Keep up the great work of being the hands and feet of Jesus to these kids.
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