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YES! More Go delight with the return of an #AlphaGo challenge

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It's been a while I haven't touched G+ but I was still welcomed by awesome content from various tech/dev communities. G+ is really the best for that.

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💻 + 📱 The #io17 mobile app is now available for Android ( & very soon on iOS ( Read our blog post for a breakdown of all the things you can do with the mobile app this year:

Exclusive for onsite registered attendees: To help make it easier to attend your favorite talks and minimize lines, you’ll be able to reserve seats for sessions in advance of I/O - as long as you’re signed in with the same email address you used to register for Google I/O. You can reserve as many sessions as you’d like per day, but only one reservation per time slot is allowed and reservations will be open until 1H before the start time for each session. If a particular session has already reached the reservation capacity, you can join the waitlist and we’ll automatically change your reservation status if any spots open up. A portion of seats will still be available first-come, first-served onsite. Reservations are open starting today via the “Schedule” on the Android app and on Note: Reservations will also be available on iOS once it launches.

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So true! 
#pixelpushing #firstworldwins

Not forgetting to call show() on a Toast on the very first try be all like...
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Hello guys! Is there any good constraint programming library for Ruby?

I wanted to do some AI related stuff as I used to do in University but it seems that the only one I can find is Gecode/R and is pretty old and only support ruby up to 1.8.

There are pretty solid CSP libraries in Java and Python I've already tested but I wanted to give a try with Ruby as it's a language I discovered last year and is currently one of my favourite.

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If you are using the RecyclerView 23.2.0 pay attention to the layout parameters of your item views.
The previously ignored layout parameters (such as MATCH_PARENT in the scroll direction) will now be fully respected.

A little example to explain what can happen.

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Finally a new APNS workflow! Oh god I remember how it was annoying as hell to work with that service years ago...

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So many cool new stuff in this release! Vectors for everyone is the best
Android Support Library 23.2 now available!

Check out the blog post:
What does the 23.2 version mean? It means it is still based on API 23 (Marshmallow), but includes a large number of features over the previous 23.1.X releases:
- New support-vector-drawable and support-animated-vector-drawable Support Libraries
- A new Theme.AppCompat.DayNight as the base for a single theme that supports both a light and dark (night) theme
- BottomSheetBehavior, BottomSheetDialog, and BottomSheetDialogFragment have been added to the Design Library
- MediaBrowserServiceCompat backports API 21+ APIs back to the Support v4 library, bringing an easy way to connect and browse your media service as well as integrate with Android Auto and Android Wear
- RecyclerView adds support for auto-measurement, resizing itself based on its contents
- Custom Tabs adds a bottom bar for additional actions
- Leanback for Android TV has significant improvements to the GuidedStepFragment

Check out the blog ( for all the details and download the Android Support Library from your SDK Manager!
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