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A feeling is an idea with roots.

While humans acquire HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) through sexual intercourse, cats get their counterpart disease through fighting. FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is transmitted through cat bites when cats fight. Accordingly, most cats with FIV are males; those being the protectors in defense of their territories.

Dogs have a vast presence in history. Dogs are known for being “watchdogs,” they have hauled ammunition and carried messages in war, and today they sniff out bombs and drugs. In ancient Greece and Rome, dog’s saliva was even thought to have healing powers. Dogs are attracted to open wounds, but listen to your doctor and stick to water, soap and antiseptic.

Simplicity and clarity should be the theme in your dress.

If humans have HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), cats also have FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). FIV was first discovered in 1986. This disease is characterized by its slow development and is usually acquired through cat bites during fighting. In certain instances, FIV is also transmitted by the mother to her kittens.

About 80 to 90 percent of drugs used in veterinary medicine are from human medicine. Medications may be used for different reasons in animals than humans. For instance, Viagra® can treat heart conditions in dogs, and BOTOX® can treat deep skin folds. Some human antibiotics and anti-anxiety medications are used to treat the same issues in both people and pets.

To effect the quality of the day is no small achievement.

Did you know diabetic dogs could go blind within a year after diagnosis? Blindness is usually a result of cataracts developing in the center of the dog’s eye. Cataracts prevent light from entering the eye to facilitate vision. However, cataracts may be surgically removed to restore sight.

If you want a bird that talks, look for an African gray, yellow-naped or double-yellow-headed Amazon bird to train while they are young. Repeat words clearly and develop further communication by using those words in other contexts. Set up an association for your bird to grasp. Praise your bird for understanding or repeating words.

Do what is right, not what you should.
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