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39,456 followers - and founder. My opinions are my own and don't represent opinions of any other person or organization. and founder. My opinions are my own and don't represent opinions of any other person or organization.

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Just found this subreddit. Subbed.

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Currently stuck in the most ridiculously inefficient and time-wasting process known to humanity - jury duty, the jury selection stage. 
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I couldn't watch it yesterday with sound, but now I understand. Slow clap.

Ideally, what would be your favorite way to receive notifications from +APK Mirror​ about the updates you care about?

Currently, we support a multitude of RSS feeds (which you can plug into services of your choice) and +Pushbullet​.

I know Join got pretty popular, but I'm not sure it supports the channels feature that we'd need to get alerts about thousands of apps and devs to work.

There are also native Chrome notifications, but those are mostly all-or-nothing, though those of you who subscribe to the main +APK Mirror​ RSS feed or Pushbullet channel would probably use it (I curate heavily what gets into the main feed - usually only the most important apps and updates).

Guess there could be some sort of +IFTTT​ integration for easy dynamic recipe creation. Not sure if they support that.

What else? Let me know. 

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I can't believe Bluetooth battery meters are still not part of stock Android. Maybe in O finally?

In the meantime, try this app. 

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Today's free Packt book is Github Essentials, in case you need to figure out how to use Github and Git. 

Heads up: +Pushbullet​ is experiencing issues sending updates reliably as of Saturday. We've been in touch with their team, and they're currently looking into the situation.

Both +Android Police​ and +APK Mirror​ are affected. 

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Reading this fascinating report, I can't say I'm surprised at the toxicity of Uber. They've always been aggressive... but this is too much.

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Best poll ever.

Mine's 2,949, but I barely install apps anymore.

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I love the Pixel for a lot of things, but video camera is not one of those. I don't even want to take videos anymore in all but perfect conditions.

If it's even a little bit not optimal, the results are potato quality, with more grain than Kansas produced in 2016. I see now where all the fuzz from went.

Look at these video stills (from an indoor playground) I took yesterday and honestly tell me it's acceptable for these to have come off a $1000 device in 2017 and not a flip phone in 2001.

I have tons of examples like these. The photo quality is great, but video - D-.
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