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Hmmmm new thing to wonder...

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The road most traveled is very busy. We are on that road and heading a setting sun. As the sun will go down, I will be running far from what I always thought was my destiny. As my city of my love shall sleep in ignorance, I will take solace in distance that at least I won't see her indifference.The road most traveled is riddled with most memories. Memories are riddled with pain. The sun is setting, and the dusk is comforting. I am Leaving my city with out a touch .You are not my city anymore.

The feel when you pass by your birth city like a stranger, just stopping once to drink a tea. 

Misty smell of golden colour,
Snowy cream,some brown sugar;
Starting fresh in memory lanes,
coffee beans and cafe days.

Lazy noons for baby hearts.
Coffee beans and bean bags.
Coffee beans and cafe days,
Baby hearts and baby talks,
Baby-steps in moonwalks
Tender sips and shared bites
Twinkle in eyes and loving sighs.
They hold hands and steal smiles
Giggles, cuddles, and winks fly.

Coffee cups and ash trays
Coffee beans for working days
Coffee cups with heavy heads
Coffee mugs with drowsy Meds

Wish you a very black and white Holi with fifty shades of gray.

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trance Pacific?

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The Dark Clouds Heralding A Deadly Storm -

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who says confrontation is better... always avoid ;)
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