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After direct attack to our foundation Red Hat's motives are clear with their perception of Fedora and the intent of and the WG's

"The difference here is that the resources for GNOME (or anything else Red Hat needs for future versions of RHEL) are provided by Red Hat. So if you want the spins to the logically the same in terms of resources we should start demanding that any spin set up needs to provide an annual monetary contribution to help pay for the Fedora infrastructure and team."

So if you are a spin maintainer/maintaining a component/documentation writer on pages ec. that is not used in RHEL/EPEL or otherwise beneficial to Red Hat and RHEL you better start funding for the hosting of the spins/component/those pages etc ( how is rather interesting since RH monoplieses that as well ) in addition to you making contribution to the project with you free time.

So much for Fedora being "A Red Hat-Sponsored Community Project"...
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+Gaveen Prabhasara that reply came after this post so no I did not.
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Jóhann B. Guðmundsson originally shared:
And where is Fedora? Oh right continuing on the path to irrelevance with and the WG effort dominated with the thought of thy self and Red Hat...
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Please remember that Final Term is NOT stable yet, NOT feature complete and therefore NOT READY for production use but still fun to play with ;)
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson originally shared:
Hot from +Philipp Emanuel Weidmann..

"A cool new feature has landed: Tabbed and split terminals! Check it out now on "

So I got of my lazy ass and finally created a new finalterm package today against git which contains updated spec files changes and several fixes from upstream.

Note that keybinder3 is now available in koji so you no longer have to build it yourself

The SRPM can be found here

And the Keybinder3 here
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If you are part of any desktop environment we have in Fedora I urge you all to sign up ( or find someone within your community to do so )  so we can have atl east one representative from each of you ....
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For those interested and play Fedora badges you can display your  badges on your Fedora username wikipage by adding to it...

{{ #fedorabadges: username }}
{{ #fedorabadgescount: username }}
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So the 3rd party WG war continues..

Back in the day the board rejected that idea and removed codeina.

The  board choice to stop shipping the pointers to install patent encumbered, non-free software and provide a route to additional freedom of choice for people who choice that route, without encumbering the distro with monocular pointers to non-free content.

In other words Fedora was the choice for end users that did not want to run distribution with the proprietary bells and whistle and pointers to them ( which brings up the question what happens to distributions like Korora and others if we change that stance )

At that time I do believe the primary target was "Free and open source software enthusiasts, developers, and remixers."

Now we seem to be changing all that for Aunt Tilly which resides in the workstation WG personas so I have to ask is that the end user that Fedora really wants?

The end user that...
Wouldn't file a bug report if their lives depended on it?
Be pure content consumers?
Who does not advance Linux, GNU, FOSS, or Fedora?
That do not contribute back to us thus not in the GNU/Linux ecosystem?

And what about the fact that if we point our end users via default system interactions it creates an implicit expectation that the material that users are being pointed to does in fact work as advertised and if it does not that there is a process by which this stuff can get fixed.

If we have pointed people to an application "store" repository or whatever we will have created an expectation that the software hosted by that 3rd
party does function with our default configuration.

Thus with my QA hat on those of you advocating this can you come up with a reasonable pre-release testing plan and bugfix updating process that this project could rely on with regard to those 3rd party bits?

Seriously if that 3rd party software does not integrate as well, who's on the hook for making sure it does?

We in Quality Assurance? No we got enough on our plate!
Our releng team? It has no direct authority over how the software in those 3rd party vendors is patched or packaged!

By pointing people to any particular vendor we create an implicit expectation that the software there will function.
If it doesn't for example work with selinux out of the box or any other reason for that matter then our project's developers might not have the access necessary to fix the problem in the 3rd party packaging.

If Fedora is going to be visionary certain people just have to accept the fact that great visionaries are the minority but if our community really wants us to change this we the visionaries will just have to deal with it.

What do you all think?

Is it worth giving up what we have represented and fought hard for those past years in an attempt to lure our end users to use our distribution through ease of use of non-free software?
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Encase people did not attend the meeting the board thwarted the attack on our foundation...

#agreed The board believes that shipping repository metadata  that points at non-free software is incompatible with Fedora's  foundations

#accepted The board believes that reducing technical barriers to explicit user choice to install third-party software (non-free or otherwise) is compatible with Fedora's foundations.

In other words things stay the same and at the same time I would like to thank the board for making the right decision.
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Remember when I have been saying downstream distribution dictating the direction of Fedora and people shooting me down left and right for speaking ( the truth  ) well behold...

"Basically, we're committing to focusing on stable support of newer tech than CentOS does (at the time of this writing)."

The WG's are full of surprises today...
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+Harald Hoyer hahaha! Stuff like that never seems to remain secret for long in this place!
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+Máirín Duffy  with an excellent meeting summary of the servers working group initial meeting...
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A must read from Giovanni Campagna for those eager to try out and test Gnome with Wayland on F20 ... ( dont forget to vote on the relevant updates in bodhi if you do ;)
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This took sometime but here is the Flock schedule based on community voting ranging from highest ( the most received votes ) to the last (lowest number of votes) in each category and with the assumption that at least one workshop,sprint and hackfest takes place in each room the first three days followed by four taking place for each category with the exception of talks on day four.

Total submitted talks where 81 with the availability of 72 slots
( 9 lost out )

Total submitted workshops where 18 with the availability of 7
( with this setup 11 lost out)

Total Submitted Sprints where 7 with the availability of 7
( with this setup all would make it )

Total Submitted hackfest where 9 with with the availability of 7
( with this setup 12 lost out )

Note that this is just based on community votes and the above assumption how the workshop,sprints and hackfest schedule might look like so dont be surprised if the flock organisers might remove/re-arrange items from the schedule and entirely decide on a different setup for workshops,sprints and hackfests etc.
Day One – August 9
Talk (45 min)

Flock Opening Talk
1  fedmsg - Fedora Infrastructure's realtime messaging system
2  Why Fedora sucks!
3  Pidora 18 (Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix)
4  Fedora Badges
<Lunch Break>
5  ARM Architecture 101
6  OpenShift, Fedora, and the future of packaged web apps
7  Changing the default updates model
8  Gaming on Fedora Linux

Workshop (2 hours)
1  Making Fedora python3-ready

Room A00
9  Ansible
10 Lightning talks!
11 This talk will cover and demonstrate the current State of Linux Containers.
12 An Architecture for a More Agile Fedora
<Lunch Break>
13 Creating a RPM from Scratch
14 Fedora At Yahoo!
15 SELinux for Mere Mortals
16 State of Security in Fedora

Sprint (2 hours)
1  Fedora Women Program

Room B00
17 Fedora ARM state of the Union
18 Using Fedora for developing things other than Fedora
19 Installer Redesign and Rewrite Retrospective
20 Gource: Telling Stories via Source Code
<Lunch Break>
21 KVM & Virtio Introduction
22 Whats new with SELinux
23 Federated and Free - Distributed and Decentralized Applications on OpenShift
24 Meet Your FESCo

Hackfest (2 hours)
1  Fedora Release Engineering

Day Two – August 10
Talk (45 min)

Flock Opening Talk
25 Putting the PaaS in Fedora
26 Fedora Passwords (then and now)
27 Ask Fedora update
28 Code Review for Fedora Apps
<Lunch Break>
29 The Life of a package
30 Virtualization on ARM
31 Fedora Videos
32 HyperKitty, the new mailing-list UI

Workshop (2 hours)
2  Rebase, you git!

Room A00
33 Task Automation in Fedora QA
34 Evolution of a Linux Distribution and its Ecosystem
35 btrfs-Cool Butter
36 Putting the PaaS in Fedora
<Lunch Break>
37 State of the Fedora Kernel
38 OpenID in the Fedora Services
39 What's new in Software Management
40 Make Games Using Free as in Freedom Art & Audio

Sprint (2 hours)
2  The Fedora Crystal Ball: Where are we going for the next five years?

Room B00
41 Bugzilla
42 Agility and FOSS
43 Hyperscale Cloud Management with OpenStack
44 Future of the data centre
<Lunch Break>
45 HyperKitty Hackfest
46 Hardening Apache
47 About MATE Desktop
48 Scale or Fail - Give your app the Speed it Needs in the Cloud

Hackfest (2 hours)
2  "Fedora Revamp" - next steps

Day Three – August 11
Talk (45 min)

Flock Opening Talk
49 P*** - Product Naming in Global Communities
50 The old new planning process
51 Bringing Hadoop to Fedora
52 user build tools
<Lunch Break>
53 Fedora Ambassadors: State of the Union
54 A tour of Linux portability
55 Managing Releases: an Open Panel Discussion
56 Kernel Regression Testing for fun and profit

Workshop (2 hours)
3  PyGObject for Beginners

Room A00
57 Fedora Videos
58 Measuring the Fedora Community with Census
59 Submitting updates via Bodhi: how (and why!) to do it properly
60 Is "cloud" something beyond a buzzword, and should Fedora care?
<Lunch Break>
61 Making Distributed VoIP Work (and Work Well)
62 Mozilla Open Badges in Sugar on OLPC
63 Kernel fuzz testing.

Sprint (2 hours)
3  OAuth

Room B00
65 User Testing for the Rest of Us
66 Darkserver : current & future roadmap
67 FreeIPA Two Factor Authentication
68 Fedora vs the semantic web
<Lunch Break>
69 Unifying administration with OpenLMI
70 Educación con Fedora/Education with Fedora
71 PKI Made Easy: Managing Certificates With Dogtag
72 Fedora Project Ambassadors - collaborate, design, engage

Hackfest (2 hours)
3  Systemd Intergration into Fedora  

Day Four – August 12
Here is made the assumption that each room would be filled with workshop/sprint/hackfest
with  potential for four slots for each event...

Workshop (2 hours)
4  Fedora Software Center
5  Inkscape Workshop
<Lunch Break>
6  Alternative Desktops, unite!
7  How do I use ARM computers in the "Real World"

Room A00
Sprint (2 hours)
4 Highly available databases
5 Fedora Security Lab
<Lunch Break>
6 Fedora VoIP Sprint
7 dataviewer hackfest

Room B00
Hackfest (2 hours)
4  Fedora Mobile Apps
5  How to bring up a new ARM board with Fedora
<Lunch Break>
6  ARM Documentation Hackfest
7  Updated Python Guidelines

Schedule full..
Talk (45 min)

73 Scaling integration testing with Beaker
74 SIG Janitors
75 The Fedora Ambassadors census
76 pcp+systemtap, performance monitoring for workstations and networks
77 Ambassadors Work in a region - Annual Planning
78 My life with fedora, professional and routine!
79 The Hotrodder's Guide To Maximum Performance LAMP
80 Polyglot Spatial with FOSS in the Cloud
81 See the light: SDN, OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch, & Fedora

Workshop (2 hours)
8  Document your code
9  Lightning Demos: Show off your cool PoC
10 Bigger! Stronger! Faster!: Community Growing 101
11 Writing Technical Documentation for Fedora
12 The totally new Fedora Changes Process: A tutorial
13 Programming in Haskell
14 Sugar & OLPC Birds of a Feather
15 Building Desktop Apps with NodeWebKit
16 Creating 3D Racing Game Maps with GIMP and Inkscape
17 Pledge Week! Recruit for your SIG
18 Getting Started with Drupal

Sprint (2 hours)

Hackfest (2 hours)
8  pkgdb2
9  Bodhi 2.0 Hackfest
10 Get Go-ing!
11 Fedocal
12 Task Automation Hacking
13 Fedora Marketing Hackfest
14 OpenStack Test Event
15 OpenLMI Manageability Hackfest
16 Census Hackfest
17 Future of Supplemental Wallpapers
18 Fedora Security Lab Test bench
19 DOAP in fedora-packages

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I'm powerless,hapless and hopeless mean why the hell not bury myself in women's and decadence?

Right baby yeah...

That's what decadence is for!

Why not bang a few gongs before the lights roll out!

That's.. That's just how I roll.....
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