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Organic herbal teas for body and spirit.
Organic herbal teas for body and spirit.

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Winter Solstice Reflection.....

We are moving towards longer days and shorter nights now that we have passed the 21st of December. We are still in the deep dark of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, though.

The long nights offer stillness, quiet, dreaming and an opportunity to look within. This natural cycle can easily be missed, and does in fact go completely unnoticed by most. Christmas preparations and festivities have something to do with this. The busyness of what this season has become is a huge distraction from feeling the stillness.

Imagine for a moment the time before electricity. Gathering around the warmth of a fire during the long cold nights offered solace as well as an opportunity for connection with community and with the Self.

Taking a moment to slow down, buy less, sleep and dream more, and consciously tune into the stillness as a way to nourish those inner roots might be the greatest gift of all.

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Winter Solstice Reflection....

Sometimes we have expectations. Sometimes those desires end up showing us that the things that truely matter in life are like a recipe. You can throw many ingredients in a pot, but it may or may not taste the way you had hoped. Life is like that, we have goals, we have ideas, but there are many unseen influences that may have gone unnoticed that will affect the final result. It's like magic when it works in our favor. Or maybe it was because we were in tune with everything at play and we flowed with it towards a beautiful creation. However, when it doesn't turn out how we had planned, we have the option to learn from it. Suddenly, it can become an opportunity for acceptance, and we can grow into a person who is at peace with the ups and downs, like the tasty soup or the pot of mush that nourished us differently than how we'd hoped.

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#challenges #mindfulness #consciousliving 

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