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How Social Interaction and Teamwork Led to Human Intelligence

Scientists have discovered proof that the evolution of intelligence and larger #brain sizes can be driven by cooperation and teamwork, shedding new light on the origins of what it means to be human. The study appears online in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B and was led by scientists at Trinity College Dublin: PhD student, Luke McNally and Assistant Professor Dr Andrew Jackson at the School of Natural Sciences in collaboration with Dr Sam Brown of the University of Edinburgh.

The researchers constructed computer models of artificial organisms, endowed with artificial brains, which played each other in classic games, such as the 'Prisoner's Dilemma', that encapsulate human social interaction. They used 50 simple brains, each with up to 10 internal processing and 10 associated memory nodes. The brains were pitted against each other in these classic games.
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great image, I'll have to read that paper
Just curious: The premise is that brain size and improved intelligence are determined by use. In terms of the timescale for hypothetically evolutionary processes, how long did this take? Can cooperation and teamwork, which are at unprecedented levels now, ensure that concepts such as war, inequality, crime will be eliminated since the collective intelligence had been upgraded? What should be done to those who go against this collective improvement because of genetic flaws or brain trauma?
"None of us is as dumb as all of us."
is it supposed to be a brain made out of hands
ithink its referd to combinations of more no hand(ling) work is one master brain..
is that possible?!
belu md
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Ann H
thats insane......
Boah, ist das ein richtiges HIRN?
Haven't read the article yet, but I'm sure it explains why bees and ants have such large brains.
huh. if you look really closely, that brain almost looks like it's made of hands. Oh pareidolia...
nice pics but where is the left and the right hemisphere?:-)
fingers make many creations without ..............
This looks unsanitary, but true.
this is like human's brain
thats the coollest and awsomeest thing ever
This is indeed a cooporate sign, its reality.
why aren't ant's brains bigger then? or bees?
AMAZING. You can look at this in so many ways and see much more than just what you notice at a glance. Take a longer look turn your computer screens sideways and upside down. great message in this one picture!
someone has stuck some hands together in the shape of a brain - haven't they got better things to do?
dude tht is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its look like brain shape.......i am right.......
.........and could have something to do wth "love thy neighbor"!
Sounds like an excuse for groupthink to me. Kewl pic, tho.
an amezing collection of hands sems a baby in womb
Sounds like an excuse for groupthink to me. Kewl pic, tho.
Creepy picture but seriously cool dude.
Awesome I love the brain its so facinating
I'm a little sceptical at how well a computer model can simulate the learning ability of a real brain, much less multiple brains.
This was the sign for "Brain" for a failed multi-national sign language initiative. Not sure why it didn't take off.
this picture tells if we are united one day we will get success
Team work is the key!!! And the photo above is masterpiece!!!
Ji Zang
WOW! The image is more interesting than the post...
that's awesome creativity but i mean like how many hands/fingers did you do it with
Reminds me of an amazing artist called M.C. Escher
hey ! cn anybdy tell me plz wht is d charge of north and south pole ,,?? i m still confused
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I just found my new background picture :)
How much can neural system assist Immune system? Any case of intervention?
Mico evolution does not prove macro evolution.
OMG this is so SMART!!! and i love it!!!
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Looking at that frm afar one will bet his life that is a brain. So so amazing great work!!!!!
the human brain is the most extraordinary think of evolution on earth
So creative to come up with this image, all made by hands.

So, am I looking at the left hands or the right hands? B-)
right good idea picture
Why the sign at the bottom of the pile (thumbs down) saying no
wow very nice thinking:-) i likes.... looks like human brain
Well. The hand on the far right (occipital/parietal lobe) is a left hand. The one under that is a right hand. Pretty sure the brain stem is a left hand. The one in the very center (left temporal lobe) is a right hand. The one under that, that is another right hand. Unless, of course, the image is flipped, and then everything is reversed.
OH oky thats one hell of creativity right there I bet you can tell the differences between that one and yours!
I'm sorry, sir, but it appears your brain is made up entirely of hands.
"evolution of Intelligence?" hmm. Cool.
how many numbers of hand had contributed to make that brian.
social networks making us more intelligent? - not buying that one...
that is so weird... but cool at the same time
this is creativity, flawlessly conceptualized!
that is very interesting. and the picture looks really cool, too
thats is really kool........but alil wierd as well
Unity hands makes mind isn't it?
So meditation, 40 days in the desert, soul seachering,spending quality time by yourself not a good idea??? Just asking,,,hummmm
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Amazing idea. Simply amazing.
... That's kind of creepy I agree with Samual King.
wonder what other things you can do with your hands.
Ya, if ya like sitting on ur brain stem.
at first i had no idea what it was. but then i figured it out and im like wow!
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Fascinating experiment. The behavioral aspect that occurred makes me wonder if it is also reflective of human behavior.
Yeah with the leader being the teacher who plead for student co-op every one around =teamwork
ewwwwwwwwwwwww its a hand brain
very very nice, it may be more impactful if it is 'composed' of many new born babies..........very spiritual
cool! What does a relationship have anything to do with this????
All those intertwined Hands say/mean what basically is meant to be expressed I suppose.Marvelous.
girls wud still just sit onit expecting amiracle
Neuroscience news did this article and a gentleman named Dan Ostrowski posted a comment that had a great debate with this entire study. His comment is a great read here it is------
Dan Ostrowski
"Scientists have discovered proof" ... to put it politely, is quite the stretch, in my opinion. What you have is a computer model showing that in repeated simple games involving possible payouts from reciprocal behavior, variation along a predefined axis will favor higher memory capacity.

Computer modeling is helpful when you're looking for answers about complex interactions, but it can only take you so far because your experiments are limited to variables you understand and choose to include. It reminds me of how game theory predicts humans will be greedy in one shot interactions 100% of the time, but we never are. It was only when some evolutionary psychologists asked "what if humans are just terrible at knowing when an interaction is one shot?" and modeled it that they came up with numbers that looked like the ones we find in live human tests[1]. There are all kinds of variables to tweak and they can make a huge difference.

In addition, there are many competing theories for human brain inflation and this doesn't do anything to "prove" that this theory is more or less probable than the others. Why are the games in this experiment only applicable to human interaction and not, say, chimpanzee interaction? All primates have to deal with social interaction, deception, forgiveness, allegiance and teamwork in some capacity... and yet over the last three million years our brains have tripled in size and other apes' haven't.

I think what you can say is that "in this computer model, under the controls and variables we set out, increasing memory is beneficial." It may be instructive, and it was probably fun to do, but I don't think it does much to settle the question of why our intelligence level is what it is.
This is incredible research and certainly feeds into the need to engage children in team activities early on in life.
it was amazing .thanks for the information
i think the person who designed that,photo is intelligent one.
It's really good..I like it...
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