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Digging Into Ripples
(note: this is good info to share)

I love digging into data. I love querying databases and manipulating queries to finding interesting patterns. While Google may never give us full access to query all the information about posts, they do give us some information that many may not realize. Sure, ripples are cool to look at and play in a timeline, but many may not realize some of the hidden gems that ripples give us. I'm going to try to give some basic (yet cool) stuff to look into.

First, let's list some types of information they give us and then we'll put them together to see how you can gather some useful information.

* Number of public and total reshares
* Names of each follower that reshared your post
* Number of direct public reshares from each follower
* Names with links, comments and relative time of most recent followers with reshares
* A timeline to show the progression of the shares

Now let's look at some inferences we can make with that information. Obviously you can easily tell who your biggest resources that reshare your material but there's more you can look into. Generally, you'd want to track at least several of your posts and compare them to try and establish a pattern.

* Time of day that most reshares occur
* Time of day that your biggest resharers repost. For example, if we were to look at several ripples and see that +Sean Bonner tends to post or repost around the same time each day, we could almost figure out the best times to get him to reshare stuff he likes (assuming he's following you).
* How influential is your topic?
- to which followers?
- at what time of day?
- to how many people?
* Do resharers comments make a difference? Take a look at the right side and see if they added their own comments to the reshare or did the post stand on its own.
* Were most of your reshares a result of a direct share from you or from reshares from other people?

This is just a basic list of things you can try to figure out with enough collected data.

Lastly (and briefly), this is a good reason that proper use of resharing etiquette is highly encouraged (aside from the "giving credit" discussions). When you don't use the reshare option, all of this data is lost that's supposed to be attached to the original post. Not using the "reshare" option hurts the poster that likes to collect this type of information.

Hopefully this will give you a head start into digging deeper into ripples other than just watching cool circles pop up over a period of time.
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