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Tracy Weber
Writing about yoga dogs and murder...what could be more fun!
Writing about yoga dogs and murder...what could be more fun!

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Saying Goodbye
The writing life has been both good to me and overwhelming!  Contributing to four blogs is more than I can handle, and I'm trying my darnedest to carve out time for both a second mystery series and to finish a nonfiction book proposal for a meditation book ...

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Research Proves It: Meditation Strengthens Your Brain!
Yet another research study proves the benefits of meditation. Meditation research is hardly unusual. This study, however, was the first to prove that meditation actually increases brain density—also known as gray matter—in as little as eight weeks! The stud...

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Killer Book Launches
I had so much fun during my book launch this month! Below are a few photos and highlights from early book reviewers. Thanks to those of you who joined me. If you haven’t read A Fatal Twist yet, I hope you’ll give it a try! Edmonds Bookshop Art Walk: The Edm...

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Puppies are Killer!
Today's my day to blog at Inkspot, the blog for authors of Midnight Ink.  I'm discussing My puppy love, Ana, and how she has influenced my writing in   A Fatal Twist .  Enjoy! Tracy Weber ...

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Inspirations in Fiction
I recently blogged at Inkspot, the blog for authors of Midnight Ink, about two of my real-life character inspirations for the Downward Dog Mystery Series, including my most recent installment, A Fatal Twist .

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Happy Book Launch!
I’m so excited! A Fatal Twist , the fourth book in my Downward Dog Mystery series, launched on Sunday, January 8! As always, it’s going to be a month of celebrations. The Facebook Launch party was yesterday, but there are still lots of ways you can join in ...

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Presenting Chapter 1 of A Fatal Twist!
I'm beyond excited to launch my fourth Downward Dog Mystery, A Fatal Twist , on Sunday.  So excited that I couldn't wait to share the first chapter with you! Give it a read at:

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A Book's Worth of Thank Yous
My Fourth Downward Dog Mystery, A Fatal Twist officially launches on January 8.  I'm never sure how many people will read the book.  A smaller subset will look at the acknowledgement pages.  So today's blog article features those pages, in hopes that my gra...

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Gemstones...they do a body good.
Please welcome aspiring author Rae Aviani to Killer Hobbies today.  I know Rae from an awesome organization that supports both published crime writers and future writing stars in the making, Sisters in Crime. Rae writes about a protagonist who is also a jew...

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In Praise of Morning Pages and Artist Dates
Hi everyone!  Please join me in welcoming author Joanne Guidoccio to Killer Hobbies today.  Joanne has published over 500 articles and reviews as well as three books, with a fourth to be released this spring.  This year she participated in NaNoWriMo 2016 an...
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